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When Should You Integrate A PIM Software with Your Magento Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce business is gaining momentum and to satisfy the demands of the customers, store owners have to manage the products and share information accordingly with the consumers.

As your business scales and the items in your catalog expands in your Magento ecommerce store, leveraging the right Product Information Management (PIM) system becomes crucial to save your time from product micromanagement, so that you can focus on larger business objectives.

Magento PIM Software Integration

The importance of PIM in Magento ecommerce development strategy cannot be overstated as it makes it easier for the customers to find the products online and this is the key to driving purchases. It is also considered to be the central hub where Magento stores can collaboratively manage all their product information. Today, merchandising the products and optimizing them for sales across various channels is highly complex and time consuming than ever before. PIMs are important tools for binding the back office capabilities with Magento and other third party marketplaces like print catalogs, Amazon and etc.

But many merchants become frustrated and are unable to understand when to integrate a PIM into their Magento store. For this you can hire a Magento development company and their experts can easily identify the signs that indicate that you should rework on the operational workflow and evaluate how a PIM solution can help their business scale and grow:

You Need to Balance Information Across Various Geo Locations, Marketplaces, Currencies and Store Fronts:

One big challenge that merchants often face while attempting to increased global footprint is to optimize the way they sell across various stores, third party marketplaces, diverse regions and etc. With merchants spending a considerable amount of their time and resources in managing the product, they also need trained staffs to launch latest product and add them to the existing catalog. All these are challenging, expensive, redundant and often error prone, thereby resulting in a poor user experience. A Magento integration of PIM can help to manage everything effectively and deliver quality offerings against their competition.

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Inefficient Information Architecture and Fragmented Technology:

If your Magento ecommerce store is using manual processes, the chances are high that you may have error prone data and inefficient workflows across the organization. Without a PIM software, you will find it difficult to govern and validate any information and so important data may soon be outdated or even lost. A PIM software helps not only to centralize and sanitize the product data, but when integrated or accompanied by a strong platform as a service, it allows a two-way sync across various business applications like ERP, CMS, EDI, etc.

Choosing an All in One Product Data Management Solution:

All on one solution may not be the best option for your ecommerce store as they lack the ability to handle the mitigating of consumer front end load variations with internal performance. In order to meet a brand’s specific business needs like accounting back office processes, inventory management, and etc. a PIM solution is needed for error free tasks.

Requirement to Handle Inconsistent Imports for Product Information:

Magento ecommerce store owners or distributors provide data via a distinct or specific system, file type format or protocols. There are many suppliers who share this information with the merchants via an email or fax. All the details regarding the manufacturers product suppliers, data suppliers and other inputs usually produce a wide range of data types which leads to messy work process, complex retrieval and manual management processes that ultimately lead to error prone and inefficient workflows having a negative impact on the entire business.

Some Common Magento Issues While Developing the Store and Its Solutions

“Product information management system is a must for every modern ecommerce company as it allows the users to effectively reduce the operating cost and time to market of various products, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the Magento ecommerce store.”

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