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A Guide to Using WordPress Sliders For Effective Communication

Sliders are incredibly a versatile design tool that enables the developers to showcase images, videos and any other impressive and attractive content effectively on the website while maximizing the space of the site. Sliders, Slideshows or Carousels, whatever you may call, they are just simple ways to attract the attention of the audience and keep them engaged.

WordPress Sliders

WordPress development is highly popular and the slider plugins allows WordPress developers to use them at the top of the page and present highly important content so that the users can take a quick action. Here in this article, we will share with you the benefits of using sliders with WordPress and how it can open up business opportunities for you.

Why Use a Slider with WordPress CMS Development?

Sliders look really great especially on large screens and they open up the opportunity to showcase a bunch of products or link multiple pages in the site. If in case every department of your business organization needs to be featured on your site’s home page, then a slider can be the best means to attain this and they also give the visitors an impression of being up-to-date and modern.

Using The WordPress Mobile App for Your Iphone or Android Device

Sliders are used as a design element that is added to a WordPress CMS page to display any visual content ranging from classic image slideshows to modern full screen sliders. WordPress offers numerous slider plugin to create them and designers love to use them for their flexibility and visual elements help to tell a compelling story easily. The site owners on the other hand gets the opportunity to promote multiple facets within one website space.

Some Reports on the Modern Demands of Customers:

When should You Use a Slider on Your WordPress CMS Website?

  • As you are now aware that sliders help to offer visual information about your business that you need to convey and it can be applied to more than one piece of important. If your business has any such need, then a single banner image can make the job faster for you.
  • If in case your audience arrives via the home page or any other internal pages of your site, then in that case a slider may be seen by a majority of the visitors.
  • Keep a note whether you can add any information from the slider to the body of the home page or not.
  • Understand the prime objective of adding the slider to your site like great communication, or call to action or linking.
  • Whatever your objective is, you need to consider the impact of the slider on your WordPress website visitors and on their behavior when they first land on your site.

Where can You Place the Sliders?

Since users expect to see a slider on the home page of your WordPress CMS site, it is better to use the landing page for the slider. Usually designers place the slider on top of the page to make it clearly visible to the visitors. If the sliders are one single most important thing of your home page, then it should be big to fill the screen and the users can scroll for more content if they want to gather more information about your site.

In case your WordPress CMS slider is not an integral part of your home page, then you can make it slimmer by cropping any image and ensure that they all render correctly when displayed. Again, if you don’t want your slider to dominate the page, then you can consider it at the bottom of the page and use it for some additional information. You can replace the footer as a visual way to encourage the people to visit other pages in the site.

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Another most important thing that you need to consider is on which page the slider should go. Since a slider slows down the page loading speed, so it should not be included in every web page of your site. Alternatively, you can place different sliders for different categories of your site to highlight the attractive features of that category.


Sliders are great means to keep your audiences informed about the key features of your business, services and products. WordPress developers can use the sliders in a visually appealing manner to highlight the call to action and encourage visitors to take a decision.

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