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Why 24X7 Monitoring Business Critical ?

Online presence is an integral part of your business and if you are looking for proper business growth then ensuring that your website is performing well is equally important. If you are not found by the visitors during crucial moments, then you lose credibility, customer leads and sales. So, business owners should be aware of the fact that they should be visible constantly. If you experience frequent downtime issues, then chances are high that you will lose potential customers and reputation of your online business.


Let us consider an e-commerce store that offers products to the people and allows consumers to purchase directly from their homes. Fast loading and functional web applications are what visitors demand from such online stores and to keep the site performing well, it is vital to avail 24X7 monitoring services from a reputed company. Research has stated that it is of utmost importance that the site and its features respond faster and even loads faster. This will lead to increased conversion and higher sales.

Factors on Which The Response Time of a Web Application Depends:

  • DNS issues:The most important factor is your DNS server as it translates human readable domain names to machine IP address. If your server is not functioning well then this may lead to problems and affect the response time.
  • Content delivery network issues:An eCommerce site often needs to deliver specific content to the user and so the server with less network hops offers the quickest response time. Location specific issues might affect the actual response time and hence it is imperative that the distributed servers used for content delivery be properly monitored.
  • Database issues: Data plays a vital role in e-commerce sites and all the layers need to function in optimal condition. Multiple database layers, usually delay the response time, so an in-depth analysis of the database is required for proper functioning of the site and 24X7 monitoring is the ultimate solution.

How 24X7 Website Monitoring Services can Help?

Real time data always help to provide a deeper insight into the end user experience and address any issues quickly posed by the web application. Acting on the data that is gathered helps organizations deliver reliable, optimum and consistent services that result in increased revenues and ultimate end user satisfaction.

Since the 24X7 monitoring solutions are designed to offer real time data they offer close monitoring of different parts of the website infrastructure that includes servers, networks, databases and applications. Close monitoring helps to detect any errors like slow page loading, failure of particular transactions, connectivity issues etc. and send instant notifications via email, SMS or Twitter.

With proper website monitoring services, you can check whether your database layers are working properly or there are any response time issues that need to be sorted instantly. 24X7 services offer fast remedial measures before the problem can affect the end user and creates a great impact on business revenues.

A reliable monitoring solution is capable of tracking end to end customer transaction that is essential for the business to ensure critical revenue and optimal performance. It offers the power of real time data and results in improved user experience.

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