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Optimizing Web Performance to New Highs

A slow website can be harmful for your business and every website sometime or the other has faced the issue of downtime. The worst part is that users may never access your site again if they face difficulties loading your website. After all the great investments to create a highly functional site for your business,  it is always better to avail 24X7 website monitoring services to avoid loss of revenues and profits for website downtime and other critical issues.

IDS Logic, a leading 24X7 monitoring service provider simplifies the management of website by effectively enabling business owners to have an easy and quick means to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot problems before they impact revenue. With us, you can now keep a close eye on the availability of your site at regular intervals and also choose to be alerted via SMS, Email, RSS in case of website unavailability or downtime.  

Our experts monitor:

  • Website uptime/downtime
  • Performance checks using HTTP, HTTPS, DATABASE, EMAIL and DNS
  • Webpage content availability


Our web application monitoring can help you to:

Track the response time of your website: Our team constantly checks your website to ensure that it is always operational. They track the performance from various locations and in case of any degradation or errors, the problem is quickly resolved and you are alerted of failures.

Evaluate end user experience: Our website application monitoring software will allow you to ensure a uniform end user experience irrespective of your location. You can now keep a track of the response time, load time, document complete time and many more from multiple locations.

Get reports to capture critical statistics: Our web application performance monitoring allows you to gain access to critical data that gives details about the average response time, number of outages and overall availability of your website. This report is very helpful for capacity planning and ensures that your web hosting provider meets the standards.

Benefits of availing our 24X7 website monitoring services

  • More timely and accurate alerts
  • Easy detection of changes in website performance
  • Proactive actions to prevent recurrence of similar problems
  • Informed decision making due to genuine reports
  • Cost saving as there is no need to maintain in-house experts


If you are planning to check your website’s health at regular intervals or your current sources of monitoring your website are insufficient, then experts from IDS Logic can surely help.

For more information about our services, talk to our executives and they will guide you with the most effective solution.

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