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Why ASP .Net Developers Prefer DNN?

DotNetNuke is a popular open source CMS platform that is based on Microsoft ASP.NET framework. It is a software that is highly used to manage and build interactive websites and intranet without much effort. Having its origin from the IBuySpy web portal, the platform is completely extensible and compatible with other platforms and allows the usage of varied themes and packages.

With the DNN 9 version, the sole purpose of the application is to build and maintain multiple applications simultaneously.


I will discuss with you today, why ASP.Net developers should consider DNN CMS for their customers:

DNN- An Advanced CMS for ASP.NET Framework

The first release of this platform dates back to about 7 years and this reflects that DNN has a significant background behind its popularity. During that time, very few companies planned to make a switch from their already existing platform when Microsoft was working on ASP.NET vNext, which later on became the ASP.NET Core. But the new platform came out to be more challenging and this trapped some users in the traditional platform, and they did not know how to move further. It is then that the idea of DNN CMS emerged, thereby modernizing the ASP.NET framework.

The Reason Why Dot Net Developers Prefer to Use DNN

DNN has the ability to adapt to meet any need and offers smart solutions that make sense. The application helps to create innovative and customized business solutions and the platform offers benefits that are related to financial affairs and ease of development.

Some of The Most Prominent Features That .NET Developers Love in DNN are:

Adaptable: DNN helps to develop solutions that stay extensible and help in quick content managing. Of course any feature of DNN can be interchanged and so it offers high optimization and performance.

  • Customizable: DNN offers great flexibility and so it can develop solutions that meet specific client’s needs. This makes the development task of Dot Net developers easy and they can design customized solutions as per the client’s needs.
  • Scalable: While talking about scalability, DNN offers a wide range of capabilities and the administrators can easily manage multiple websites at a time. .NET developers can also integrate DNN with various other applications and this helps to make the website rich in features.
  • Secured: Dot net developers always love to work with secured platforms and DNN has a strong security record base. It also undergoes various screenings, so as to ensure stringent privacy policy. So, when it is all about security, the platform is the most reliable, tested and verified.

Migrating to DNN is a Safer Bet for Dot Net Developers:

DNN CMS offers a distributed module and it provides a sufficient solution for the content management. It helps to handle any sites with multiple layout options. Moreover, the capability to sync with any other third party helps in customizing the modular WCMS architecture. This makes error fixing seamless as reframing them in GUI with the JS support is easy and possible.

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