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Why Choose PhoneGap to Create Business Apps

If you are a business owner, then you must know the importance of targeting multiple device platforms to reach out to the wider customer base. Earlier, organizations had to create separate solutions for each device, which proved to be costlier and time consuming. But with the PhoneGap development framework for mobile devices, things have become easier and now businesses can roll out a single application for all mobile devices.


How PhoneGap Helps to Target Multiple Devices?

Before developing any business website for mobile devices, developers should always consider a cross platform mobile development. It is by choosing PhoneGap that they can create native mobile apps for any mobile platform using JavaScript, CSS and HTML without losing the functions of the native app. PhoneGap in fact saves a lot of money and time because you are essentially creating a single application once and making some adjustments to it to get it work smoothly on other platforms.

Why Considering PhoneGap is a Good Idea?

While creating cross platform solutions, developers usually prefer to choose PhoneGap because of its advanced features and benefits. Initially business owners considered launching an app for iOS devices and Android phones, but later on they expanded their plans to support Windows and Blackberry devices too. Creating the application for each platform required writing four different set of codes, but PhoneGap is the wrapper around the device’s web view and this makes it easy for the developers to create a single code that runs on all the four platforms.

Some Essential Features That are Needed by Every Application:

Before choosing the right cross platform development platform, developers considered whether the framework supported the essential features that are needed to create the application.

Here are some common features that most applications require:

1. List view: This allows the user to scroll the list and select and see them in details. It is a common design in mobile apps.

2. Animations: Using animations in an app is very common nowadays, but it is important that the view is proper on the screen.

3. Usability: A compelling mobile app must have an interface that focuses on usability. The best means is to follow widely used apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

4. Internet connectivity validation: The developers should confirm if the users can access the data through the net easily or not.

5. Easy to customize: Developers should make sure that there are clear ways to adjust the setting for your app like the font size, colors and the privacy settings.

6. Device detections: Capability to identify the type of device that the application is running on and the features that it supports.

Developers have observed that all the above features are supported natively via the web view using PhoneGap framework. It is perfect for any vibrant project and since it is supported by a great community, problems can be quickly resolved.

Market apps can easily be distributed and marketed at the app store and since the platform is integrated with various libraries, it eases the enhancements of app functionalities and saves much development time and cost.

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