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Why Cloud Computing For Magento eCommerce?

Magento is a leading e-commerce platform that offers scalable, flexible solutions that are designed to help business grow and succeed online. It is the choice of most business owners for deploying a fully integrated e-store that handles various aspects of online business. With more than 150,000 websites using Magento eCommerce website development, it delivers great performance on an infrastructure that is optimized to meet its requirements.


Simply running the solution on generic servers, risk the performance issues that result in slow loading pages, abandoned shopping carts and even lost revenue. So, whether you are launching your first online store or re-architecting it, you need a cloud environment that is seasoned in hosting Magento platforms to build scalable, secured and highly available online stores.

How Magento Cloud Hosting Can Amplify Overall Performance?

Here in this article we will discuss some reasons and benefits of cloud hosting and how it can augment performance. To put it simple, cloud servers run on cloud computing environment and have all the software essential to run independently and don’t depend on any centrally installed software.

  • Reduced IT costs: Hosting your solutions in the cloud may reduce the cost of maintaining your IT systems. Instead of purchasing expensive equipments for your business, you can use the resources of your cloud service provider easily at reduced cost. You no longer need to pay experts or manage staffs and the energy consumption cost will also be reduced.
  • Business continuity planning: Protecting your sensitive data is very important to keep your business running and whether you experience a power failure or a natural disaster, with cloud computing, your data is backed up and protected in a safe and secured location. This will minimize the downtime and loss of productivity.
  • Efficient collaboration: A Magento development company can help to develop an attractive e-store and a cloud environment will give the business the ability to communicate more easily outside. If your staffs are working from different locations, then cloud computing can offer the employees and any third parties easy access to files and information. It helps to sync up and work and even share apps simultaneously in real time.
  • Scalability: Your business will grow with time and the storage needs will also change according to the situation. Instead of purchasing expensive upgrades, your cloud service provider and top Magento developers in India can meet your desired requirements and offer flexibility as your need changes.
  • Automatic software updates: Your automatic updates for your IT needs may be included within your service. Based on the service, your system will be updated regularly according to the latest technology. This may include upgrades to servers, up to date versions of software and computer processing power.
  • Security: Cloud servers hold the best stability and do not suffer from server hardware problems and have all cloud computing benefits. The server security is done by the provider and so you are free from any worries. Services like AWS offer accessible firewall configurations and maintain high security standards and also follow the international requirements.

So, when you are running a Magento eCommerce website that handles tons of sensitive information, maintaining high security becomes vital.

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