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Why Kentico For Responsive Website?

Your laptop computer isn’t the only hardware that is used we browse the web. People now search online information using a phone, a laptop or a tablet and so web pages should always consider the multi-platform world and building a responsive website is a must for all the business owners. A responsive web design is a set of technique that considers the layouts of the device and the environment of the user’s browser and presents the site accordingly.

Such designs create the optimal viewing experience for website pages regardless of the screen size. This often includes navigation with minimum of resizing, easy reading, panning and scrolling across various display devices.


Kentico is a powerful CMS that is built on the Microsoft.Net framework and it is used to design various websites that are responsive to match the device in use and offer a great customer experience allowing you to create dynamic websites. With the responsive design abilities of Kentico CMS, your site will be automatically able to adapt to various screen sizes and translate from the desktop version to the mobile platform very easily.

Some Important Responsive Features of Kentico:

Website preview on various screens: With kentico website development for mobile devices, you can now have a perfect mobile preview option and now content administrators or publishers can preview how the site will appear on different screen sizes with the Kentico CMS. This saves a lot of time and allows the content to be adjusted immediately according to the requirements.

Customized mobile layouts: Besides the responsive designs, Kentico developers can have a full control on the web page layout on the server side. Specific mobile layouts meant for particular device profiles ensued that the pages contain specific content that is actually needed, thereby reducing the downloading time. This feature is useful for websites that are built without any specific mobile device in mind.

Automatic image resizing: Kentico offers another very important feature for mobile websites and that is all the images on the pages can be automatically resized to fit the visitor’s device, thereby reducing the site’s loading time. it also replaces the requirement for resizing any images manually.

Support for all browsers: Kentico responsive designs are more compatible with the search engines and this is one of the most important features. We all know that greater the compatibility of a site with the search engines, the greater is their visibility. Websites developed on Kentico platform will support all the browsers and these visibilities will attract more traffic to the site and raise your returns on investments.

Advanced device detection: This feature of Kentico makes it easy for the developers to create high performance mobile websites, and by using 51 degrees,mobi device data, your website will automatically detect the device that is being used by the visitor. This enables to optimize the customer’s experience on specific devices and also enhance their unique capabilities.

Thus, to conclude,we can say that choosing Kentico CMS for your upcoming responsive website project is very beneficial and it will help to target a huge audience base.

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