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Target Potential Customers with Umbraco

If you are marketing person or a publisher, then you are aware of the importance of a good Content Management System for your website. Marketers, designers and even developers have their specific needs of using a CMS and for every marketer, it is important to keep their audience well aware of the product updates and company information.


A good CMS makes it possible for you to update the content of the site without needing HTML or any other coding skills and even without relying on the vendors to make updates for you. Umbraco development is a feature rich open source CMS that offers great flexibility to run anything from brochure sites to large campaigns and even complex application effectively. It is available for free and is preferred by most organizations.

Now the question is why Marketers or publishers should prefer this CMS for their website? Let’s take a look at it in this article.

  • Powerful yet simple to use: Though there are various templates based CMSs available in the market that are suitable for different website requirements like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, yet Umbraco is a platform that offers one of the fastest and adaptable CMS currently available. It is scalable, flexible and suitable for varied websites and its simple and easily customizable content creation tools help the marketers easily manage the site according to their needs. Umbraco development doesn’t dictate how you should work; instead it caters to your specific requirements. Editors have great freedom to make changes and if they are not satisfied with the changes, they have the option to go back to the previous version.
  • CSS control: We often think that the marketers are happy producing promotional content for their audience, not having to worry about the design layout. But Umbraco website development helps to add design guidelines for the marketers who can follow the CSS rules in the built-in WYGIWYS editors. This helps them to save the designs of the website.
  • Manage your online media: Using Umbraco helps the marketers to have full control of their varied digital assets. The built-in media library makes it easy for the publisher to effectively use their digital properties and Umbraco automatically scales the photos, allows cropping them with a single click and even makes the shots responsive.
  • Tools and extensions: There are various behavioral targeting tools available for Umbraco that allows visitors automated profiling and segmentation and even tools that help to select specific content. This enables the marketers to manage effectively their behavioral targeting configuration of the interior and helps them to work on the analytics to enhance sales.
  • Responsive designs: The main focus of the marketers is to increase their audience base and generate more sales from business. Umbraco supports responsive web design layouts and this allows customers to view the sites on any devices. Appropriate image dimension and device pixel density based on current device make the website more user friendly and this indirectly help the marketers to increase their customer base and increase the returns on investment.
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