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Why .NET Core is the future? Read Here!

Undeniably, it is quite challenging to keep a track of the versions of .NET framework and the newer .NET Core. Microsoft has proclaimed that .NET Core will be the future of the product with its latest upgrade known as .NET 5.

Why .NET Core is the future


What is .NET Core?

.NET Core is a popular development framework that is widely used for writing desktop, web and mobile apps. You can call it is a rewrite of its predecessor, .NET framework. This is a more advanced framework that is both open-source and cross-platform. The best part is that it is light weight and renders faster performance than the .NET framework.

What will happen to .NET Framework?

The .NET framework will not continue to be a place of innovation for Microsoft. In spite of that, it will still exist and get security patches as well. To put it simply, the apps that are built using .NET framework will run seamlessly, but you will unable to access the new features and language versions.

Should I Migrate My App to .NET Core?

Yes, you can do it now! If your apps are built using .NET framework, you can migrate them to .NET Core without any hassle. As it is a more simplified version, you have to rework on the code to migrate. It will not take your much time. You can approach a trusted asp.net development company to do this task for you. They have the expertise to perform the migration process without any glitch.

What are the Perks of using .NET Core?

.NET Core offers a host of benefits that are discussed below:

Enhanced Performance

One of the biggest benefits if using .NET core is it provides higher performance. Due to new enhancements and upgrades, the code has become more optimized that contributes towards a better performance.

Cross-platform Compatibility

While creating a web app, you should ensure that the application is compatible with all the platforms. The good news is that .NET Core is cross-platform that allows development of web apps that runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Key Benefits of ASP.NET Core While Developing Robust Web Applications

Lesser Code

The latest technology requires less coding, which implies that developers can optimize the code by writing simpler and lesser statements. Since coding will be less, this reduces the total hours that are required for creating an app. This makes .NET Core a cost-efficient framework.

Ease of Maintenance

Whenever there is less coding, it automatically becomes easy to maintain. Hire a .NET solution partner who knows optimizing the .NET code with lesser statements. This clearly indicates that it will not only take less amount of time to build a web app, but it will also be easier to manage it effectively.

With all the above benefits, it is safe to mention that NET Core is the future of modern web applications.

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