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Points to Consider Before Choosing LMS Platform

With latest innovations in the field of communication coming up every now and then, it is really interesting to note that the learning system in schools and colleges of higher education have also been impacted to a great extent. E-learning has become very popular nowadays and with more usage of internet and many other multimedia technologies, the growth of online learning has rapidly increased. It is currently estimated that the education industry is worth about 38 billion Euros and will increase more in the coming years.

LMS Platform

To aid various higher educational institutes in conducting online courses and interacting with the students, there are some platforms that provide extensive online course management options and that is also known as the Learning Management System or LMS. Moodle is an open source learning management platform that helps various educative organizations to conceptualize their courses, curriculum and course structures and offer interaction facilities online. Moodle stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and research has stated that about 14 million consumers are engaged in various courses that are initiated by this learning management system.

But before you choose Moodle development platform as your LMS here are few things that you should consider. The two most important questions are: What does your organization want the learners to know and what should they be able to do? Will Moodle help them attain these learning goals?

Do You Need An LMS for Your Organization?

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The most common platform for offering any course online is to choose a learning management system as it offers great features where the instructors can conduct discussions, upload videos and play audio, publish latest readings, carry other learning activities and even assess and grade any student’s work and declare the results. LMS platforms have the ability to store and deliver materials that are developed in various formats like MS office docs or videos or any other third party applications.

Assess your learning and development strategy

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Another most important point that you should consider is your present learning and development strategy so that you can consider the things that needs to be improved and what are the things that are working effectively. This will give you a change to select the most appropriate LMS that effectively utilizes your learning materials that you currently possess and then fine tune the ones that are not appropriate to promote your training objectives.

Compile the list of features that you need:

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If you have done some research work online before choosing the best LMS platform, then you must have noticed that there are various features offered by the LMS platforms. It can really be a challenging task to compile the list of features that you need, but this is an important step that you should consider, as it the best means of finding a feature rich platform that allows you do everything that you want to do with your students.

Consider the technical limitations of your audience:

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Since you are looking for the best LMS, it is important to keep in mind the technical limitations of your users as well. Ask yourself, how they will access your e-learning courses? Will they use it over their mobile devices or use any other platforms to access it? Do some research to find if your audience is tech savvy to use the features of your LMS so that you can adjust your strategy and choose the best e-learning platform.

Choose a platform that focuses on your current and future needs

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Your e-learning platform can be a perfect one only when it offers features that you will need now and also in future. This is an important point to consider as your system may undergo some changes in the future and you may have to upgrade it or integrate some other technologies and tools. Choosing Moodle as your LMS is a good option as it is scalable and is also supported by a huge community of developers who can help you with any updates or integrations. Do check if the platform is scalable, customizable, flexible and usable, so that you can attain the desired e-learning outcomes.

The above tips are sure to help you while choosing the right LMS for your organization and help you meet the prime objective and the needs of your audience.

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