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Avoid Common Mistakes While Building A Joomla Website

Joomla is a great CMS framework as it empowers even non-technical persons to easily manage their sites themselves. It helps to create fantastic Joomla websites with clean codes, awesome usability, great architecture and optimized images. But many times it happens that while using third party extensions or Joomla components on the website, developers make common mistakes and are unable to deliver the expected results to their clients.

It is often said that the best way to learn is through trial and errors, but this is not true while developing a software application. If you follow this process of trial and error, then your clients are sure to be frustrated and you will lose good business opportunities.

So, if you are planning to develop a Joomla application, then read this article

Mistakes to avoid while developing joomla website

Common Mistakes to Avoid & Make the Application Error Free

Not having any backup of the old site while updating to the latest version:

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To keep your site updated with the latest features and functionalities, it is very important to rebuild it. But while updating, make sure that you keep the old website in a backup folder so that if anything goes wrong, you need not worry.

Sometimes developers make this simple mistake of not keeping a backup and face lots of problems when something goes wrong with the new development process.

Start development without having a migration plan:

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If you are migrating to the Joomla platform from any other CMS platform, then there are numerous things that should be taken care of to ensure that nothing is lost. In case if you don’t have a proper migration plan, then you may have to face issues.

This mistake is often made by Joomla developers, so create a migration checklist so that you can follow a specific road-map that will help you to move in the right direction. Evaluate your existing website and identify different contents and also recognize specific areas that need special attention during the migration process.

Not resizing the images:

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Another common mistake that most Joomla developers make is to upload gigantic images or original images from their computers or cameras directly to the website. Though there is nothing wrong with this approach, but original images are usually very big in size and can slow down your website.
Developers should fix this issue by changing the dimensions of the images before they are uploaded. For this, you can use many tools for resizing the images.

Copying text directly from Word:

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Since MS Word is a user friendly tool to prepare content, most people use it, but loading the content directly into the Joomla HTML editor will make the site down and you have to wait for a longer time period to bring it up again.

The reason behind this is that Word Docs use special codes to format fonts, lists and etc. And these special codes need to be fixed before pasting into Joomla. For this you can use a tool like TinyMCE plugin and fix formatting code issues from Word.

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