SEO Checklist Before Making Sitefinity Site Live

Every business owner wants to enjoy higher website visibility with the search engines as it helps a lot to drive more traffic to the site and ultimately increase the returns on investments. But, what a lot of clients do not understand is that in order to reap the benefits of SEO, there are certain principles that have to be followed.

Choosing the right CMS is one of the most important factors and Sitefnity CMS is a powerful platform for various reasons, especially because of how well it embraces the SEO strategies of business.

So, if Sitefinity is what you have chosen, then it is important to verify that your pages are aligned with the best Sitefinity SEO practices. The platform comes with some of the best out of the box tools that can be of great resources while developing the SEO strategy.


Let Us Discuss The Checklist of Tasks That can Help You to Maximize Your SEO Efforts:

The URLs

It is very important to write clean URLs, using special characters like ‘&’ or ‘?’ in the URLs can prevent the search engines from indexing the pages of your site. Sitefinity CMS generates highly controllable and clean URLs not only for its pages, but also for blogs, events, news and etc.

Underscores do not separate words, but dashes are word separators and they should not be used many times in the URL as it would appear to be spammy for the search engines. Sitefinity automatically replaces all the spaces with dashes and this helps in optimal indexing by the search engines.

Use a Meta Description:

A unique meta description of your page is something that your visitors will see in the search engine results. So, it should be very clear and appropriate and describe the exact information on your page.

How Sitefinity CMS Can Impact SEO?

Listing the keywords of your page from the longest to the shortest in length is also another good SEO practice. Sitefinity’s page creation form has some fields dedicated for both of them and it also has a filtering capability that enables you to view the Sitefinity pages without description or tags so that you can add them easily.

Page Titles:

Another major SEO requirement is to keep the page title unique. A good page title with relevant keywords will help the browsers find them easily. Two most important things that you should remember are to keep the title length below 65 characters and that it should be unique. Sitefinity generates unique page titles that can be easily modified.

Images should have Alt Text:

It is very important to set Alt tags for the images and this will help to boost the SEO results as Alt tag is the only attribute that is easily indexed by the search engines for the images.

Anchor Text:

Correct usage of words in the anchor text of your links is vital and you should choose 3 to 4 words to explain where the link would take the user. The anchor text management in Sitefinity is very powerful.

H1 Tag on Your Website Page:

Heading tag is another most important part of the Sitefinity SEO checklist. There should be one H1 tag on your website page and one keyword should be there. All the other tags should be H2, H3 and etc.

Avoid Using Flash Videos:

With more and more people using mobile devices to access websites, you must remember that iOS devices do not support Flash. Sitefinity’s HTML5 video player can be used instead of Flash.

Webmaster/Search Console tools:

The major search engines like Google and Bing help webmasters and site owners approach search indexing. The tools offer an access to various information like timed out URLs, not found pages and etc. The Sitemap generator plugin for Sitefinity makes it happen very easily.