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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is web based software that is used to share information about specific projects, documents or reports with the other members of your team, department or any other organization that may be on campus or off campus.

Why should I use SharePoint software instead of a file share?

SharePoint has a document version control and this allows the users to check the documents for modification and then save them accordingly. Users can view the present status of the documents and even see who has checked out and can receive notifications when a document is changed and saved. It also makes it easy to restore a document to its previous state in case of any issues.

What is SharePoint used for?

SharePoint is a leading document management and collaboration tool which is used for internal purposes to assist business operations that include secure document management, collaboration among various departments and much more.

How does SharePoint work?

SharePoint helps to manage the daily tasks of performance monitoring, configuration management, collaboration and etc. The servers and infrastructure help to save and store the files that can be easily accessed from any location and at any time.

What language is used for SharePoint development?

You can use any .NET language, but the most recommended language is C#.

What are SharePoint services?

There are different services that help the organizations to increase their business strength by leveraging its capabilities that enable multi-level collaboration, structured document management, consulting, migration, integration or diverse automated workflows.

What is the role of a SharePoint developer?

SharePoint developer is responsible for writing and modifying the codes to build applications and intranet sites for clients based on their requirements and needs. They also offer ongoing support to the projects and help to fix any issues that may arise.

What internet browsers are supported by SharePoint?

SharePoint supports several web browsers that are most commonly used like the Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. However, some browsers may cause some functionality to be limited or available only through some alternative steps. At times, some of the functionalities may not be available for noncritical administrative tasks.

Are the SharePoint plans in Office 365 same as SharePoint Standard and Enterprise?

No, each plan has specific features and limitations. Users choose the plan according to their business requirements that can make a difference in their business.

What are the software tools available within the SharePoint site?

Some popular tools that are available include e-mail and instant messaging. With these features you can receive alerts when any document or information have been added or changed. Many desktop programs and Microsoft Office apps work with SharePoint platform.

Can I assign unique permission to each user in SharePoint?

Yes, this is possible. You can set up permission levels for each user or even set specific permissions for a particular file or directory allowing you to add security at various levels. Certain rules can also be set where the user has to check out documents in order if they want to edit. You can also maintain the versions of the document that you want to keep.

Does SharePoint secure the data that is sent over the internet?

Yes, since it is a part of Microsoft Office 365, it enjoys the same security environment and this includes network security, access security, physical data center security and data security. The files are encrypted by using encryption keys.

Can we go back to take a look at the previous versions of the files in SharePoint?

With SharePoint, unlimited file versioning is possible and you can easily click on a document and get back to its previous version to even when it was created. You can easily check the version and also verify who made the changes. File versioning is handy and it is easy especially when business strategies change.

Will I be able to work from home and use SharePoint?

Yes, this is possible, but for this you have to have an LSE account. This will make you able to login to the LSE domain and then use SharePoint from any location.

Is it worth the investment?

With SharePoint, you will be able to let Microsoft manage and even store your data and provide a safe access to it over the internet. It is cost effective as you don’t have to manage and install your own IT infrastructure. Since SharePoint makes easy access to critical data by the management and keeps them well informed, they are able to take effective decisions that help in business growth.

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