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Hosting Umbraco Website on Azure Platform

Every business owner wants to create a site that is fully functional, meets the business objectives and is responsive that can be easily accessed from various mobile devices. Umbraco is the preferred CMS for many projects as it is easy to use, scalable and good to develop. Umbraco development is a Dot Net open source content management that has powered over 85,000 websites and offers one of the friendliest developer communities in the world.

Many clients look for designing solutions for Azure and the first thing that needs to be considered in the scalability of the application. This means that the state should be stored globally.

Hosting Umbraco Website on Azure Platform

There are various Umbraco hosting options and in this article, we will discuss about hosting Umbraco on Windows Azure.

The cloud environment seems like an intangible thing, but when it comes to customers, the facility to get all your stuffs at the end of your fingertips irrespective of your location or any device is quite an inviting prospect. So when Umbraco announced at PDC 2010 that it would offer this flexibility to small webs and large enterprises and allow them to quickly deploy things, it was in fact very interesting.

Steps That Umbraco Took For Windows Azure Hosting

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Umbraco considered a two phased approach and to satisfy its existing customers, it created Windows Azure Accelerator for the Umbraco CMS. The Accelerator integrates the Windows Azure web role, authentication and Blob Storage and makes it probable for the users to run the Umbraco CMS without any modifications on the Windows Azure platform.

The second phase is the Umbraco CMS 5.0 which is a cloud based version that operates on the Windows Azure platform. Additionally from the version 7 onwards, the interface has been completely changed, making it simple and easy to use for the administrative user.

Benefits of Using The Azure Platform

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Azure allows you to configure the environment for your particular project without setting up a new, empty virtual machine. This leaves the developers with more time and better code options, thereby spending less time managing the servers.

Hosting on Azure platform also opens the door to the markets as it removes the need to configure and create own web server infrastructure. Enterprise customers can easily add new features without assessing the server strategy.

The Windows Azure platform also comes with new and more powerful management portals and allows you to see all the services that you have subscribed from a single place. Hosting and database services are offered in tires and the higher end tires allow more computing power and greater traffic. And this also allows you to switch seamlessly between them without any hassles or disruptions to the website.

Another important benefit is the Autoscale feature that allows the users to automatically decrease or increase the number of instances used by the site based on the average CPU usage. In case the CPU load is high, you can decide on how much you want to push it before you share

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