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How Social Media Buttons on Sitefinity can Help?

Creating a business website is a great means to reach out to a number of people and promote your company and its services or products.

But is it important to put efforts to manage and update the web content, interact with the readers, improve the web design and market your brand?

Maintaining a business blog is a great means to communicate with your target audience and even share your thoughts and opinions on various business matters in an informal way.



Adding a social sharing button to your website can help to promote your business and increase the number of readers on your site. It took more than a decade for social media to establish itself as the most powerful tool in attracting the audiences, bringing in website traffic and making your brand voice heard. It is of key importance nowadays, that your content is not only read by your targeted audience, but also shared with others via social media sharing buttons.

How Sitefinity Helps?

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Sitefinity CMS helps to integrate social media sharing buttons in the website content. Since these buttons don’t use JavaScript, they load fast and do not block the site from rendering. Sitefinity users always want to be flexible while deciding the type of buttons that they want to use for their content. Sitefinity development allows you to add a set of sharing buttons in the widget templates for certain specific types of content.

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So, if you have a blog post that is related to your products or services and you want to share it on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can add the options easily on the widget template. If you want, you can also customize the appearance and the behavior of your social sharing buttons.

Did You Know the Importance of Social Media Sharing Buttons on Your Sitefinity Webpages?

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Including social sharing buttons on the web pages of your Sitefinity site will increase the probability of getting your web content in front of new eyeballs.

So, when someone shares the content on their network, it might be seen by a new potential customer who may again share it and reach some other potential customer. The possibilities are limitless and it is an important means to improve the brand visibility across the web and reach out to new followers.

  • Offers a good user experience: Offering a good customer experience is the core objective of your brand. It is also important to interact with your potential client or customer. Including social media sharing buttons on your post makes it easy for the visitors to share the content without having to think a lot about it.
  • Massive exposure: Sitefinity CMS offers massive exposure to the website owners so that they can achieve their main goal to promote their business. Having social sharing buttons helps the site a lot as when the readers share the content on Facebook or Twitter, the content is easily seen by new people who might be potential customers, buyers or clients. The social media that Sitefinity supports as identity providers include Google, Microsoft, Facebook Twitter, Linkedin and GitHub.
  • Influence SEO benefits: SEO is a crucial element of your Sitefinity website and adding share buttons to your pages can increase the chance of attracting organic traffic. Google ranks a website on the SERP based on the number of times the content is shared, liked, posted on social media and tweeted.

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