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How Moodle Analytics Can Help to Boost Student’s Engagement

For today’s colleges and training organizations, analytics and data mining goes much beyond the task of attracting the right students to the institute. It not only helps to shape the educational experience and learning outcomes, once the students are enrolled, but learning analytics can be simply invaluable as it can also help to predict the outcome of the students and craft the learning experience and encourage student engagement.

Understanding how your students are performing is one of the most vital feature of an LMS and as an educator or an administrator it is important to rely on the assessment information and find means to keep them engaged with a great user experience.

Moodle Analytics Role in Students Engagement

Now the question is what insights can you get to see when you pull some data from your Moodle development system. Learning analytics help you to draw the data by visualizing them and take informed decisions about the learners and it is from this data that you can keep your students engaged in various activities accordingly.

Getting to Know Individual Student Performance:

Learning analytics is transforming the modern classroom and it helps to deliver insights into individual students and also the class as a whole. Instructors can view the daily report cards of which students are participating in various activities and what type of questions are being asked regularly to fine at-risk students. The information that Moodle learning analytics offers, allows the educators to create a metric that defines the success and this metric includes the student’s engagements. Such analytics data helps the educators to easily analyze, measure and score.

How Moodle Helps Students in eLearning Dares?

Forum Activity:

Do you have any forums on your LMS? Can you see your learners participating on a topic and asking for clarity about it that they are going through? Forums helps to keep the students engaged in various discussions and the reports generated by the analytics tools helps to gauge the learner’s participation in Moodle forums. Active learning always involves active participation and so Moodle integration of forums and keeping a track can make your course more interesting. You can use the reports to find out which learner is engaged more and who needs to improve their engagement and etc. You can also segregate them based on the analytics and reports based on topics to know the top participants and also about the trending forum topics that can be discussed.

Average Time Spend on the Course:

Moodle developers in India and the UK can integrate third party analytics tools to know how good your course is. When the learners access them, the course that is faring well and the devices that are used to access the course content can easily be reported. This data will help you stay informed about the engagement as well as the non-engagement of the learners. If the learner’s participation is less, then you can easily figure out the reasons behind it and make the essential changes so that the average time spent metric is better for the course.


This is another most useful technique that can help you to enhance the student’s engagement in your Moodle learning course. The use of games is effective in pushing subjects and improve active participation and engagement in various contexts. Moodle analytics tools can be used to improve the assessment and also the self-assessment of the students. The data can be used in combining gamification techniques that can help to improve the engagement in the courses.


Moodle core educators can easily support their learners by offering them activities that can keep them engaged. This data from analytics offers predictions of learner success, their engagement in forums, games and other activities.

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