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How Sitefinity Support Responsive Mobile Apps?

With constant improvements in technology, things are getting increasingly easier to complete multiple tasks with the use of mobile. With such options before you, why do you think you should compromise when it is about your CMS website?

How Sitefinity Support Responsive Mobile Apps

Getting your customers engaged with your website is the key to success and Sitefinity is a popular CMS that helps to integrate device agnostic and device specific features to offer a great mobile experience to the users. Sitefinity CMS development allows the users to easily repurpose and transform the content into the mobile app. To do this, you can now use Sitefinity’s features that can help to develop a rich mobile app for your website.

Why should You Choose a Mobile CMS?

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With growing mobile devices, users are also looking for services and websites that can be easily accessed from mobile rather than from desktops. More than one third of the mobile visitors prefer to see the complete website in their mobile versions than with a few things omitted. Shoppers using mobiles generate about 14% of the revenue compared to 79% of the shoppers who view the full site.

This makes it very clear that business owners cannot afford to compromise on the look and features of the site. They have to customize their sites according to the devices that are used by the users.

While an effective and responsive website is essential to remain successful in business, a mobile app is increasingly necessary to engage with the customers who browse app stores and to allow the developers with more features and better website performance.

How Sitefinity Offers Support for Developing Mobile Apps?

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Sitefinity allows the marketers and the developers to take digital initiatives faster as it is easily extensible and also excels as a headless CMS that helps with a rapid cost cutting, engaged customers and outstanding user experiences. Sitefinity development offers highly flexible frontend tools that deliver engaging experience, multi-channel UX, scalability, reliability and secured backend to run micro services and data connectivity capabilities.
Sitefinity: The Headless CMS Is Gaining Popularity

Going Responsive with Sitefinity

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The usability of Sitefinity is very intuitive, clean and responsive and this allows the developers to easily create, manage and publish content for their mobile apps. Since it offers a great out of the box functionality, business owners can use Sitefinity to create responsive web and mobile applications and bring the strength of mobility to organizations.

The visitors of a website often expect to view it even when they are on the go and have a great browsing experience. With Sitefinity CMS, you can easily create responsive web designs for the tablets, smart phone sand also desktop computers. It is by establishing adaptive styles, that the web pages easily conform to unlimited number of devices and their resolutions and other features.

There is no need to recreate content for your mobile application or create any dedicated markup for a specific device. Your web page transforms easily into a perfect fit for all the devices that your users might use. Thus, this leads to a great user experience and the consistency of the web pages are maintained.

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