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Sitefinity Integration with Other Systems: Benefits

With changing marketing trends and speedy technological advancements, business owners all over the world are becoming competitive day by day. For this, we require an optimal web CMS that can help to connect and also integrate with other business applications and systems. Sitefinity is a popular web CMS that can be easily integrated with other systems and helps to support the business approach and processes while personalizing the customer experience.

SItefinity CMS Integration

Immense results and productivity benefits of integrating Sitefinity CMS with other business systems and how it can enhance the productivity


Sitefinity integration with PayPal

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PayPal is a flexible payment gateway that offers the facility of online receipt and payment. It is also the safest means to send and receive money and facilitate business owners to easily set up a merchant account. With Sitefnity’s API, you can integrate PayPal and have a customized payment gateway. This integration will help the admins to dynamically create order forms, ensure secure payments, auto shoot the payment confirmation, connect data with emails and set personalized emails for the customers.

Sitefnity CMS connector for Salesforce:

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Salesforce is a popular CRM system and it is used to store and manage the business information used to take action on prospects and clients. The connector helps to develop the flow of business information in the CRM by linking the activities that the contacts perform on the site. This includes the actions like document downloads, recently viewed pages, contact form submission and etc. The integration helps to deepen segmentation for online business personalization.
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Sitefinity CMS integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

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Microsoft dynamic CRM is a high-tech software that energizes and empowers the customer engagement with real time amalgamation and information. Integration with Sitefinity helps to leverage scheduled tasks, custom rest services, dynamic modules and etc. Besides this, Sitefinity is used for advertising and displaying auction items in public. When the two systems are integrated, they offer a single point of entry to business data and are sent to potential customers in a controlled and manageable format.

Synchronization with Marketo:

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When connected with Marketo, the marketing teams have the ability to monitor and track the online visitor patterns and can offer specific content that is based on business reasoning. This directly impacts the conversions leading to increased sales as the Sitefinity Connector offers precise online data that includes lead scoring, contact touch points, form submissions, page visits, information of document downloads and etc.

Super Secure Your Sitefinity CMS Website

Sitefinity and SharePoint integration:

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Sitefinity’s page editor makes it easy to offer SharePoint content by interacting with the user friendly interfaces and by dragging and dropping the layouts and widgets onto a page. The widgets can be edited through a guided interface that offers content that is consistent with the website’s design. The two-way connector between SharePoint and Sitefinity CMS allows the digital assets to be easily edited from both the ends.

The connection allows the content authoring experience in SharePoint to be paired with the page design flexibility and mobile content delivery without disrupting the existing infrastructure and process.

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