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How to Boost the Sales of Your Opencart Ecommerce Store

OpenCart is an advanced, feature rich, open source ecommerce store management system that is written in PHP by using a MySQL database and various HTML components. It allows the merchants and the customers to make easy interaction and also comes with plenty of extensions and modules that further make the task easier with OpenCart development. it is now easier for business owners to move their traditional store to the digital with this ecommerce framework and add functionalities which completes the requirements of newsletter subscription, Upsell and Cross sell and etc.

Boost Your Opencart Ecommerce sale

With millions of ecommerce websites, it has become very important for business owners and marketers to attract audiences and relevant traffic to the website. Creating a social media strategy that is based on accurate buyer behavior and creating web content that can address the problems and also solve them is one of the most challenging aspect. So, business owners are also adopting various marketing channels to boost their leads and sales.

But it is highly important to optimize the efforts in a way to extract maximum profit from the marketplaces. And for this, you need to follow some tips. Here in this article we have discussed some of the most important point that you need to consider.

Follow a marketplace SEO strategy:

In order to choose the best search keywords, you can go to Amazon.com which is an excellent repository to find them for sales. Most search algorithms consider the search terms that are entered by the visitors and match them with the Title, Items, Tags, Descriptions and suggests the results accordingly. After selecting the essential keywords, you can use them in your content carefully. Adopting a proven SEO strategy will help you to enhance your product conversion rate and manage multi channels effectively.

Create great content for all the channels:

The product description section in your OpenCart website development is responsible for the sale of your product. You need to write all the information that is necessary for the buyer to take an action and the item description should also include all of its aspects. So, when you write a product description for any item, always check that you answer more about the product, its dimension, color, its description, price, material used, its USP and etc. You should not forget any information that makes the users search for more details everywhere.

Add specific videos and images:

Visuals are always more powerful than text and offering clear images help to drive the customers to take proper actions. Therefore, ask your OpenCart development company to add some images and videos, which will help to appeal to the users most. The images should always be in focus and centrally placed with a white background and it should follow Trust and Safety standards and not include any watermarks, graphics and etc.

How Live Chat and Marketing Automation can Support Your OpenCart Ecommerce Store

Use Appropriate Marketing Tools

Majority of the marketers use social media channels when it comes to digital marketing. However, using some marketing tools related to purchase behavior, ecommerce stores can create anything beyond the traditional marketing avenues. The tools will help to understand the customers, categorize them accordingly and offer personalized content.

Offer Clearance Products and Secondary Products on Marketplace:

Most online stores run at least two clearance sales and you can do this at marketplaces that witness the maximum traffic. Some popular marketplaces include Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Bonanza where you can offer some clearance products with revised pricing. Not only this, you can also offer secondary products or some highly popular products that can attract the new visitors to your website.


OpenCart is a popular ecommerce platform and you can enhance the sales of your site by following some proven and reliable tips that will ensure that you never miss out any single lead or opportunity.

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