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Boost Your Website Performance with CDN and Sitefinity Cloud

Website performance is no doubt the most important thing needed to deliver a great user experience to the customers, regardless of the industry or niche. A site that is a delight for the customers is sure to perform better than the others and as the buyer’s behavior continues to evolve, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of the website’s performance.

Boost Your Website Performance with CDN and Sitefinity Cloud

Today’s Buyers are Impatient:

When you view a site that takes a lot of time to load, how do you feel? If you are like most of the visitors, then you will probably experience anger and frustration and will not stay on the site for long. People researching your products or services online have little patience to sit waiting for a slow website to show up on their smartphone or desktop. The longer you will make them wait, the more interest they lose in your brand.

As creators of a website and digital experiences, it is your job to know what can make a great app and website. It is crucial to know how to keep your visitors engaged and also give them a reason to come back. Engagement is a big factor and have a meaningful relationship with the brand, products and services. Using the right technology to create apps and websites help to solve the purpose and also excite and impress the users. Sitefinity CMS development is a popular platform that helps to create, visually appealing, user-friendly, secured and fast websites.

Sitefinity Cloud and CDN

In case your website has a lot of static files like the style sheets, images, JavaScript pages, it is important to ensure that they download as fast as possible on the client site. It is here that Content Delivery Network or CDN can help to improve the user experience by offering better performance and greater availability of a variety of documents. As a result, the media content is served faster to the end user. It reduces the requests in the HTTP queue of the web server and also the traffic load on the web servers.

How the CDN Works?

A website visitor may be located at a great distance from the web server that may contain the content of the website. The internet is an international network and so visitors can come from different countries that are thousands of miles away from the server. When the user sends a request to a web server, the data is sent both ways and a request is sent for the content in a packet to the web server, which responds with the data in one or more packers. In each case, the data must travel via the internet to reach the destination.

Sitefinity Cloud: Platform as A Service CMS Offers Optimum Set of Capabilities

Travelling a long distance often result in slower page load speeds and at this point you may be asking if something exists that can help to decrease the web page’s load time. It is here that the CDN comes to help. The CDN is a group of servers that are placed strategically all over the globe with the purpose of accelerating the delivery of the static web content.

How Sitefinity Cloud Helps to Enhance the Speed of the Site

Page load time depends on various factors, which also includes the hosting server specs, availability of network bandwidth and also the page contents and design. The weight and volume of the elements on the page, the user location, type of browser or device used also plays a great role.

The CDN and Sitefinity Cloud allows the users to mitigate the potential adverse effects of the above factors. Sitefinity service providers reduce the downtime risks and leverage an auto scaling infrastructure that is backed by 99.0% service and support. It also provides best in class performance with CDN and auto scaling and this helps to exceed the performance requirements for today’s digital economy.


Sitefinity cloud and CDN help organizations focus on their core business objectives and reduce the maintenance cost by managing complex infrastructure and increasing the speed, performance and availability of the site.

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