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How to Increase Your Mobile App Retention & Engagement?

There is no doubt that mobile apps have come a long way. From banking to retail sector, there is almost an app for everything, which has simplified our daily lives to a great extent. This has lured a lot of businesses to launch their mobile apps for the sake of online exposure.

How to Increase Your Mobile App Retention & Engagement

In the current scenario, the competition is becoming fierce with each passing day. Businesses have to put in a lot of efforts to make their apps successful in the online marketplace. They have to consult the best mobile app development company that can build and promote their app on the web.

Mobile app engagement and retention are two important parameters that provide information about the app’s success. Many brands are spending a lot of money to engage the new customers and retain the existing one. Some of them gains prominence while some failed to achieve so.

3 Essential Tips to Boost Mobile App Retention & Engagement Rate

Here are some valuable tips to increase your mobile app retention and engagement:

Make Onboarding Process Simple

Every app should provide an efficient onboarding process to its users. If it is complex, then they will most likely switch to some other aspects leading to a high cart abandonment rate. The best you can do is to limit the number of steps in your sign up form, which will encourage more and more users to try your app.

Use of Push Notifications

Push notifications are another effective way to increase the user retention and engagement. They act as a constant reminder that you have downloaded an app. Such notifications inform users about the ongoing offers and discounts on a regular basis. This makes them feel connected through an app, and contributes towards a better retention rate.

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Optimizing App Quality

Mobile app is a great marketing tool that lets the users know about your brand in a better way. It is imperative to make it robust and secure. An app that is full of bugs will fail to impress the customers. So, it is advisable to optimize your app for its performance, and regularly test it for any error.


Mobile app industry is highly competitive that makes it difficult for the app owners to establish their position online. With these retention and engagement tips, your mobile app will sail through in the market.

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