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Maintain a Good Health of Your Umbraco Website

With a variety of CMSs available in the marketplace, each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Umbraco is a popular CMS that comes up with a wide range of features and about more than 443,500 active installs.

Once your website is created using a CMS, it is very important to follow the best practices to maintain your website. Umbraco offers numerous features and that needs their own special care to keep the site running at its peak condition.

Here in this article, we will discuss some Umbraco maintenance tips that help to run the site at its best.

Maintain a Good Health of Your Umbraco Website

Choose The Latest Version of Umbraco:

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One biggest advantage of Umbraco CMS is that it has a strong ecosystem and a community of more than 200,000 active members that offers professional tools and support. With every new release, there comes a lot of new features that help to enhance the performance of the site. So to stay updated on all the Umbraco features, it is important to keep updating your site. Umbraco 8 has been released and so update your website to the latest version so that you can take advantage of the latest features.

Handling Task Scheduling in Umbraco

Add Some Umbraco Packages for Optimized Performance

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If you want to run your website more efficiently, then it’s important to add different package that are offered directly by Umbraco or its community. Based on the categories from SEO, ecommerce, CRM to security, you can now add the Umbraco packages that have a high impact on the performance and the bottom line of the website.
You can choose to use either Umbraco for free in an open source format or you can make your site more functional by adding some professional tools and also get some support from any commercial organization.

  • Consider SEO audits on a regular basis: Have you checked your Umbraco site for broken links or page errors? If you have not done that till now, then you should start it immediately. SEO is highly important to attract traffic to the site so you need to consider everything to optimize your site for the search engines. It should secure a consistent ranking to improve the site’s SEO and for that make a plan to check the website for page errors and etc. You can use a variety of SEO tools accordingly.
  • Keep all your data in sync: Whenever you have to run your Umbraco CMS website on multiple environments, then it is very important to keep the changing data in sync. But doing this manually is really time consuming because you have to consider every environment and copy the changes every time. To increase the productivity of your website, you can use tools like uSync. In case if you are using Umbraco Cloud to host your site, then all these can be handled by Umbraco Deploy.
  • Run scripts and check your forms: Your Umbraco website may have forms or call to actions that need the user to input some information to show that they are genuinely interested in your products or services. The Forms can break at any time or simply malfunction due to some issues which may lead to missing purchase or crucial information or it may even lead to a terrible user experience. This will further cause friction and bad reviews online.

So, make sure that you regularly test your website forms and they operate properly.

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