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How to Use Moodle for Internal Training Sessions?

Like never before, business organizations of today are focusing on offering training to their employees, business partners and customers to keep them updated about the usage of their latest products and services. Even if you are running a small sized business, internal training means a lot, as it helps to take your business in the right direction and focus on growing the revenues.

How to Use Moodle for Internal Training Sessions?

A common misconception that people have about LMS is that it is preferably used by the education sector to offer online courses and learning. But this is not so. Moodle is a leading LMS that is used to share, modify and train students as per their learning needs. Whether it is for training the staffs or to offer professional learning opportunities, Moodle is used in many workplaces all over the globe as a leading learning and work related solution.

How can you use Moodle LMS for internal training in your workplace without having to sacrifice your business operations?

Plan smartly:

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If you have decided to train your staffs, then the first step is to schedule all the training that they need. And for this, you should actually sit down and plan how the training should take place. You should consider what training you would like your team to complete. This could be some training courses related to your services, any management or communication skill and etc.

How Should You Track the Time Spent by Learners on Your Moodle LMS Course?

Moodle LMS helps to map out the mandatory training and create small bite sized training materials that are achievable.

Is limiting the classroom sessions a good idea? Why?

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Another easy and quick means to make sure that you can easily fit your internal training session into the busy schedule of your employees is to limit the number of classroom sessions. Multiple classroom sessions always mean that your staff might be losing a huge chunk of time while attending the training sessions. Though the training is worthwhile, but the staffs can view it as an interruption to the work that they need to deliver within time.

So arrange your training sessions and courses so that they can easily access them online and refer to it whenever they have some time.

Share practical knowledge from different situations. This will surely speed up the learning sessions. How?

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While using Moodle LMS to train your internal staffs, you can also gain a lot of knowledge by sharing the experiences from practical situations. Suppose some members of your team attend trade shows or conferences, then it is a good idea to let them share their knowledge with the rest of the team during the training session.

This will not only keep the classes, interactive and interesting, but it will also cover key learnings from practical situations. This is also a great way to get value for money and make sure to speed up the learning process.

Create personalized learning plans:

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Another way to use Moodle for internal training is to create a personalized training plan for everyone. Once you have a proper plan of what needs to be done and when, it is a good idea to offer your staff exactly what they expect from the training session. This will give a clear idea of how many training sessions they need to attend throughout the year. The administrator can easily track the staff members and offer feedbacks based on the trainings that they have attended.

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