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Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint Online

There has been much debate on why to migrate to SharePoint solutions and all the stir is basically about the new features of the collaborative platform that brings substantial improvements in the user experience and business operations.

However, since migration to any new platform in much trickier than simply pushing a button, there may be doubts on whether to migrate or not.

Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint Online

Undertaking any corporate migration is a crucial task and it is very important to understand if you really need to migrate or not. There are many things that you should initially consider to come to a final decision and here in this article, we will help you identify the two most important scenarios, which will define that you are in need of a SharePoint migration.

The Two Most Important Scenarios that Indicate You Need SharePoint Migration

The First Scenario:

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You are already using SharePoint (earlier versions) and your current solution can’t support your business operations efficiently. This is relevant for the companies that use solutions that are developed on SharePoint 2010 or some earlier versions, and their solutions are no longer supported by Microsoft, with no updates or patches.

Classic and Modern SharePoint: How to choose?

Another point is that, the platform that you are using is obsolete in terms of development capabilities and also user experience. Switching to SharePoint 2016 would help you to gain access to Representational State Transfer services and client side rendering that opens up huge opportunities to delivering custom SharePoint solutions without any server codes involved.

It is also important to mention the substantial changes in the UI and UX that is introduced in the latest versions that include improved collaborative features like the Community Sites and Portals, redesigned Newsfeeds and MySites, mobile views and apps and etc.

The Second Scenario:

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You are using some other means for collaboration and aim to improve the users’ experience and want to increase buy-in. This situation applies to organizations planning to invest in SharePoint development solutions to enhance user adoption and implement latest features of the platform. SharePoint 2019 has become much quicker and also offers valuable updates that ensure an improved UI and high security of stored data.

Managing external users access is easy:

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With SharePoint online, managing the user access is very easy. With it, the users can now share individual documents, share sites and folders with people having a Microsoft account that is linked to the corporate e-mail address.

You can also generate Guest Links that allow to read or even edit the permissions granted without the need for any authentication and allowing the Guest Links to be revoked any time.

Improvements in the OneDrive:

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OneDrive for business is a great place to create and collaborate files. It is by using this, that an individual can easily create a document and share it with both the external and the internal users to get ideas, feedbacks and also add some expertise to the document.

Use of SharePoint: Some Advantages and Disadvantages

Whenever a document is ready to be published and have been featured in the OneDrive for business, it allows you to move and copy the document to the SharePoint team site for more consumption.

Cost control:

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Most large organizations want a flexible means for collaborating solutions and functions while reducing the overall cost of the operation. SharePoint online helps business owners to easily manage these costs and also allows inexpensive and limited licenses for some roles in your organization that are based on the arrangements that you make to cut down the costs.

Stay updated:

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Users of online versions are often privileged to get timely updates and new release upgrades than those who use the On Premises. It may also be so, that some of the features might not be available for the on-premises version at all.

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