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Mobile App Testing: Things to Consider

Business owners often create an application to meet their current business requirements, but things are totally different when it comes to creating a mobile application. There are certain factors that constantly impact the performance and even the release of a new OS or a device might require upgrades.

Though the application might be deployed in the app store, it may require a lot of testing to meet the new and emerging use cases. It is here that mobile testing companies can help and take care of the application post deployment.



Whether it is before a product release or after the product release, testing plays a major role to assure perfect user experience and it also reduces the time to fix any issues and availability related defects. Research indicates that mobile devices mainly the tablets and smartphones account for the majority of internet traffic globally and companies are trying their best to reach out to these consumers by creating mobile websites or apps. It is crucial to provide a compelling experience across various handheld devices and so optimizing mobile app testing is essential.

Testing mobile apps is different and is often more complex than the traditional desktop and web applications. Mobile applications need to be tested on multiple software platforms and their different versions, on diverse hardware and even under various network connectivity conditions. The rapid release of mobile OS updates, launch of new devices and new customer demands require additional test cycles. For this a proper testing strategy is essential so that your app is error free when it is launched in the market.

Key Elements That should be Considered While Optimizing Mobile App Testing:

  • Device Selection:Before the application is launched, it is very important to choose specific devices that you are willing to target. Since ensuring a seamless experience to the users for the application is of utmost importance, the testers should choose a wide range of mobile devices, connection speeds, operating systems of end users and this is an essential step in testing an app. Delivering a poorly optimized app will take long load times and is a sure means to frustrate the users.
  • Test Automation:There is no simple and single solution that can guarantee success in mobile testing, but one way to combat the varied conditions of your user is through virtualization. Testers should incorporate virtualization and can test the functionality, security and performance of an application across a wide range of networks through automation testing. So, select an effective test automation tool to maximize the use of automation and lower the cost of regression testing.
  • Diverse Networking Environment:Testers should also consider testing the app primarily on Wi-Fi networks and consider using network simulation tools to simulate various network conditions and cellular connectivity.
  • Types of Testing: Another most important thing that should be considered by the testers is the different types of testing that are required to enhance the performance of the application. Techniques should be adopted that emphasize on speedier development, validation, data processing, security and etc.
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