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Moodle E-Learning Trends in 2019

With the beginning of 2019, academic organizations are looking to change the way they offer learning courses to their students. They are trying to switch from the traditional classroom based learning to online courses that can be accessed by the students even on the go and also as per their conveniences. There is no doubt that this growth of LMS has made a great impact on learning organizations and has also made technology easily accessible.

Moodle eLearning Trends 2019

There has been a steady growth in the number of institutes that have been investing in LMS and other educational tools in order to train their employees or their students. It is no surprise that Moodle, one of the most popular LMSes is all set to become a global phenomenon by the end of this year.


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As noticed, we have seen a very strong trend in micro-learning during 2018 and we expect to see this growing in 2019 and also beyond. While working with various companies during the past few years, we have noticed that micro-learning is an important solution for the learners to progress through varied modules quickly while taking the advantage of repeat learning.

Bite sized learning is already a very strong concept and you can view the ways of delivering targeted and very specific knowledge in short. Some specific benefits of using Moodle for creating micro-learning programs include learner centric and just in time learning and knowledge retention.

Adaptive learning:

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This is another buzzword that is used by Moodle LMS development experts who can deliver customized solutions and learning activities that address the unique needs of each learner. This can be achieved through instructional designing and not just by using a simple technology. if in case the instructional design is not done for adaptive learning, then the course will not be able to adapt according to the learner’s ability.

Moodle LMS helps to attain this through instructional design, which means adaptive learning through flexible course creation features like course completion conditions, lesson activity by using branches, clusters, access restrictions and quiz adaptability.

Evaluating big data:

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Academic organizations are looking out for measures to analyze the effectiveness of learning. Big data is the data that is created by the users while they undertake the e-learning modules. It helps in having advanced reporting functionalities and learning analytics. It also offers the ability to quickly identify the risk learners.
Big data also helps to assist the institutes to identify the inconsistencies in difficult course and points out the areas that are too simple for the users and also the areas that have a slow progress due to a level of difficulty.


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Though this is not the first priority when it comes to enterprise learning, but it is not impossible to accomplish it using Moodle LMS development. If any institute decides to sell their courses online, then they don’t have to regret for having chosen Moodle, because it comes with latest ecommerce features. There are plugins available and that can easily be integrated to the online store with enrollment automation, payment gateways, course reviews, coupon codes, course recommendations and etc.

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