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Silk Performer: Ensure the Reliability and Performance of Your Enterprise Application

Software testing plays a major role in product or application development as a thorough testing would enable business owners to launch their apps successfully in the market without any errors or bugs. Performance of the application matters as it is this particular feature that detects the success of an app. Performance testing is done by the tester to determine the speed, reliability, interoperability, scalability of the system, network, computer or an application program. This process helps to check two or more applications and compare their system speed, bandwidth, efficiency and data transfer rates.

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What is Silk Performer?

Silk Performer is one of the industry’s most powerful enterprise class load and stress testing tool that has great ability to test multiple application environments with numerous concurrent users.

While planning to make the user experience better, performance and load testing challenges are simply unavoidable.And the rise of new AJAX frameworks and HTML5 with different technical approaches, add further to the complexity of testing.

Silk Performer offers multiple approaches like Browser Driven Load Testing and Web Protocol testing that are especially tailored to the web technology.

Some Important Features:

  • Mobile performance testing: The tool offers real world performance testing by stimulating worldwide mobile traffic. It helps to replicate traffic for various mobile devices like the Android, Windows Phone, OS, Blackberry and etc. It also helps to stimulate mobile bandwidth speeds like 3G, 4G, EDGE for unrivalled accuracy. The testing helps to gather more confidence on how your application will perform and the impact of heavy traffic on it.
  • Visual customization and diagnostics: With various performance analysis tools and reports, Silk performer allows the testers to insert parsing functions for static data session, build automatic content verification scripts and gather insights into the root causes of the errors. The process helps you to understand the root cause of the errors before the application goes live. TrueLog allows you to visually and quickly analyze the behavior of the application.
  • Cloud: Silk Performer simulates huge traffic to the mobile devices from various parts of the world and checks the impact of the traffic on the new and existing applications. It helps to understand the global differences in latency and response time and also ensures that the visitors have a wonderful experience from any part of the world without having to bear the burden of costly hardware and setup.
  • Network emulation: This performance tool accurately simulates numerous wired, wireless and mobile network technologies. In addition to mobile bandwidth for a wider range of phone standards, it simulates packet drop rate and latency. This helps to measure the impact of various network conditions like high latency on long distance connections, poor antenna signals and reduced transfer rates. It also ensures what your end users will really experience.

Reasons Behind Choosing Silk Performer

This performance tool allows the testers to create realistic and powerful load and stress tests for the users across a wide range of application environments and this includes latest mobile and web technologies. This tool simulates peak loads from any geographical areas without having to invest in stress and load testing hardware and setup. Detecting the problems in the early release cycle helps to correct any issues before they reach the end users.

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Who can use Silk Performer?

Performance engineers

This is a single solution for load and stress testing for all mobiles, web and heterogeneous enterprise applications. The analysis capabilities and diagnostics help to detect the base cause of any performance issues and help the engineers to resolve them quickly. Reduced test cycles and accelerated time to market support critical release decisions.

QA Managers

Silk Performer can be used to reduce the risk of project failures by enhancing the scalability, reliability and performance of the application. It also helps to make efficient use of the staff and equipment resources while meeting project deadlines and ensures the quality of the product through effective performance testing.

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