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Sitefinity Framework: An Overview

Business development projects, complex integrations, interactive user experience and many more- this is your life today as a developer. Since you are the builder of tomorrow’s Digital world, people look at your work for enhanced solutions that makes tasks easier. But at times you too get stuck while solving simple ones because of the development platform that you have chosen.

Sitefinity gets the simple problems out of your way and empowers you with those features that helps you to win the race in creating great websites, portals, integrations or apps. Sitefinity CMS development offers a framework that gives you a great foundation to create your work and also the freedom to develop your masterpiece using modern technology.

Sitefinity Development Framework

Your web project is more like making a cake:

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When a developer start developing a project, they start it in layers and the art comes from your choice of adding the best features to it. It is more like baking a cake and decorating it. Progress Sitefinity platform accelerates the development process and successfully adds business value to your business by providing already matured features so that there is no need to reinvent the entire wheel once again.
Developers can easily take advantage of economies of scale to grow the application efficiently and with Sitefinity, you can experience extensibility and flexibility.

Here is how Sitefinity works:

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  • The core platform of Sitefinity provides all the infrastructure that you need that ranges from user experience, content, security, personalization, digital asset management and etc.
  • The custom logic layer in Sitefinity offers a collection of APIs and integration hooks that help to extend the built in logic. These extension points meet the best practices and standards and also make feel familiar to .NET, front end developers and MVC.
  • The dynamic data engine ensures that you can develop complex data structures and the system supplies an intuitive administration interface, integration points, templates and etc. automatically.
  • The Modern UI Framework allows the developers to control the pixel rendered by using the latest technologies like HTML5, Bootstrap or AngularJS.

The HTML and the Content:

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The Sitefinity platform is simply perfect as it adapts to the ways modern developers think. It embraces many modern features and functionalities and offers clean and responsive designs, Bootstaps and MVC and more. The UI framework in Sitefinity CMS development appears natural to the frontend developers, allowing then to have complete control on every single line of output through:

  • Mobile friendly, completely customizable layout engine that completely integrates with semantic UI, Bootstrap, Foundation or any grid system of your choice.
  • Lightweight Razor based, clean templates that are responsive by default and at the same tome highly customizable by design.
  • Capability to customize the backend, offering intuitive interfaces to business clients so that the advanced functionalities can be reused and configured.

Sitefinity offers you a set of features that most websites and portals need. You can rely on the digital asset management, scalability feature like cloud deployment options, caching and complex permissions, multisite management, staging and synchronization capabilities, data connectors to the third party systems and much more.

All your custom code and modules become a part of the Sitefinity infrastructure and you get to package the customizations in a scalable, enterprise environment and can also use them easily across varied projects and benefit from the point of economy.

As a developer, understanding the importance of choosing a perfect CMS is very important as you may need various features to complete your project. Sitefinity provides a full-featured framework that helps to develop a complete project without much hassles. You will be able to easily install and also deploy the Sitefinity platform with the support of the Sitefinity team.

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