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What Makes Mobile App UI / UX Design a Big Deal

If you have a website, you must have heard about UI/UX, but most business owners are not aware of the importance of using them while designing their mobile apps for the users. Most of the time both the terms are used interchangeably, but from the designer’s perspective, it would be a catastrophic mistake to consider them as same. So, before we delve deep into the importance of UI/ UX in creating mobile apps, let’s understand the terms clearly.

Understanding UI and UX

The User Interface Design of a mobile app defines the look and feel of the application and is primarily focused on the presentation of the app. It is mostly associated with the design phase, but designing of the mobile app does not mean only usage of modern themes, appealing colors, aesthetic elements. It means everything that look beautiful and nice on the mobile screen.

It is about how everything looks together with each other regarding the functioning of the app that helps to increase the user retention, boost user engagement and improve the recognition of the brand that finally leads to greater success and revenues.

User Experience (UX) is what the user feels after using the app. And when it is about designing the mobile app or defining the navigational flow, UX hold higher priority than UI. In simple words it involves every aspect of the user’s interaction with the app. UX helps business owners to earn the trust and gain confidence by creating a usable app that leaves the users satisfied. A good UX designer helps the app to go much deeper than pretty pixels and make it delightful and intuitive to use.

The Importance of UX Design for a Startup

If you are a startup business owner in the sphere where the market competition is very high, then UX design can in fact become that determinant thing, which would allow you to stand out from the crowd and promote your products. With thousands of competitors offers the same set of features, your mobile app development may attract more visitors due to its simple and comfortable design.

There is no doubt that today, most business owners are trying to create their own mobile app to reap greater business returns and this has in fact made the market competition quite stiff. There is a big different between the app that are highly engrossing and those that are staggering hard to fetch a few downloads.

The main difference lies in the execution process and how effective and efficient the apps are for the users. The success of the app depends on various factors and to make a mobile app for your audience, you need to understand certain important factors.

UX Helps to Increase User Engagement:

Mobile applications should always strike an emotional connection with the audience, so that it helps to keep them engaged and bring the users back again to the application. New and improved user engagement will help to attract the users and will also fetch new audiences. Good UX helps to improve the connectivity of the app and offers a seamless experience, which people will share as a word of mouth.

UX Plays a Great Role in the Sales of Your eCommerce App:

It is very important for the designer to properly place the CTA button as it is a prime requirement in rendering a great user experience. This should be done based on the fact how the users are allowed to take their purchasing decisions that will help to sell more. Together with this, you also have various persuasive methods that can help the users with a wonderful browsing experience and help them to increase the conversion rates.

A Good UX Needs No Support:

Another benefit of having a good user experience is that the users don’t have to waste any time to understand the development process. Don’t create a complex process as this will irritate the users and by the time they reach their desired point, they might get frustrated and are more likely to abandon your app.

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