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Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing Dedicated Developers: Which Is Your Choice?

Staff augmentation is gaining much popularity in the IT world and it is also an attractive global business to hire dedicated developers remotely. The demand for qualified and experienced software developers is also growing faster than before and outsourcing companies in India are offering a wide range of services to satisfy this demand. It is said that in 2020 there will be more than 1.4M software jobs than applicants who can fill them. But finding the right expert with the essential skills, background and experience and reasonable salary expectations may be difficult. This is why more and more companies opt to hire dedicated developer services.

Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing Dedicated Developers

How IT Outsourcing can Help to Add Resource to Your in House Team?

The lack of skilled software developers is the reality in today’s market. But luckily IT outsourcing comes to the rescue with its numerous benefits which helps to optimize the time and costs of the project, and at the same time tap into the knowledge base of an IT partner. This helps you to focus more on your core business, and increase the operational efficiency. There are various models of cooperation, which the customers can choose from. Outsourcing to a dedicated team of experts and staff augmentation are considered to be popular ones.

What is the Difference between Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing a Dedicated Developer’s Team?

Staff Augmentation:

This is a type of outsourcing service where the company offers their skilled resources in the form of external hire usually on a contract basis. The in house team of the client organization is extended by hiring the third party specialist working on their premise for a particular time of the project. Since the resource is hired directly by the vendor, the cost and the liability of making full time hires are thereby eliminated. The model is easily scalable and so it is possible to either increase or decrease the staffs as needed. The complete shift of responsibility allows minimizing the formalities with the HR team and it also allows the outsourcer to focus more on what they are good at.

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What do you Mean by Outsourcing a Dedicated Developer Team?

By outsourcing a dedicated developer team, it means that the client can partner with a remote software house and hand over the project to its team of developers. This is usually a broader partnership than team augmentation and also covers a wide variety of IT services from analysis and design, quality assurance, UI/UX, project management or support and maintenance. Here in this model the involvement of the vendor is very high and they try to attain the best possible results compared to staff augmentation. The benefits of outsourcing skilled resources make the service provider a close and trusted partner than just a temporary service provider.

Why Outsourcing a Dedicated Developer Team Brings More to the Table?

As a method to deal with IT talent shortage, hiring dedicate developers from reputed outsourcing companies can be one of the most effective means of handling complex projects that are based on the latest technologies or ones that need skilled resources. The more complex your project is, the more efficient and beneficial your partnering will be with a remote software house. The benefits of a fruitful IT partnership are long-term and cost effective and this makes the project less stressful. By passing over the development, designing, implementation and maintenance to a company offering such services, you can now focus more on your core business objective and attain cutting edge results.

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