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Things to Remember While Creating a Minimalistic Design for Your Mobile Application

When you open an app for the first time on your mobile, the first thing that instantly attracts your attention is the design of the application. If a mobile app design is intuitive, then it is certain that the user would next focus on the features that it has to offer. But the truth is that if an app has rich features, but it has a complex or unattractive design, then chances are higher that the users would uninstall it soon enough. This is the reason why designers have to keep in mind some points while creating an app.

Minimalistic Design for Mobile Application

So, have you heard of minimalistic design while developing a mobile app? Well, these are basically the key elements that help to attract the users to your app. It suggests for a plain and simple design which is clear, concise and also very consistent. Minimalistic design in mobile app development is not totally about the functionality of the app, but it is more about the implementation of the essential design elements that are actually responsible to make the app a big success.

A great mobile app always has a clear visual communication and is easily navigable and has an artistic background and alluring color schemes. It is only with the right visual balance that the app can help to leave a mark in the reader’s mind.

Essentials of a Minimalistic Design for Mobile Apps

Content and Icons:

The content of your app should include both visual elements as well as textual information. There should be some icons and while incorporating these elements, the visual balance should be maintained by the designer so that they can hold the user’s attention and also retain it as well. It is important to convey the message clearly and in an understandable manner by using limited content. Highlight the important parts of your app and uses icons in a very strategic manner.

Choose a Simple Color Scheme:

Choosing a sophisticated color scheme is a great means to offer the users a great user experience. Some UI designers pick various color schemes to offer a rich look to the application design, but choosing a simple scheme is the best option.

Monochromatic Scheme: This is something that involves the use of shades, tints and tones within a specific color. The saturation point and brightness can be changed to produce different impacts.

Analogous Schemes: This again allows the designers to use any three colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Choosing the shades based on the functions can help.

Use the Space Carefully:

Any white space should be used effectively, so designers should create a structure and then place the content and rest of the element accordingly. Essentially, the designers should use the lines and dividers and distinguish the different sections and categories as per the app screen. Empty white spaces can be used effectively to create a more unique user experience that helps set it apart from the rest of the competitors.

What Makes Mobile App UI / UX Design a Big Deal


Since mobile devices have smaller screens compared to desktops, fitting a lot of information is a big challenge. So, it is highly important to select the content that is needed and keep the information short and easy to skim. The content should also be easily accessible and it should be prioritized to allow a seamless user experience.

Special Effects:

Even if you have kept the app design minimalistic, you can always add some special effects to it. Irrespective of the effect that you have chosen for your User interface, ensure that it adds value to the user experience and that it does not disturb the application. Data spotlights are great options that help to emphasis on crucial pieces of content by using bright visible hue and also large fonts.


App developers are making great efforts to create minimalistic UI designs, which emphasize on the content and app embellishments. While designing, keeping in mind some important points can help to ensure user engagement as well as a great experience.

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