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The Role LMS Will Play in Future E-learning

The LMS market is going through a period of dramatic changes. The rise of web based study, interactive courses, communication advancements and gamification- All these developments show how technology is changing the conventional education system beyond imagination. After all, technology has changed the landscape of learning environment and will continue to do so at a more unprecedented level.


LMS helps various organizations to offer training to their employees while saving both time and expense. The LMS platforms are popular in the education sector and help both the educators and the students with learning on the go.

Latest LMS Trends That will have a Great Impact in Future eLearning

  • Multichannel learning style:The future will see lots of young and tech savvy learners continuing with their learning process and will prefer bite sized modules that they can easily complete and learn. Learning through videos, audios that are available online will increase.
    The admins will find that content library will be used more to solve acute learning needs that are more like job training than tradition instructor led training. This year will see that superior reports will help to ultimately shape the culture within the organizations in order to feature lifelong learning.
  • The use of AI in elearning:AI plays a great role in various aspects of our lives. Whether it is a virtual assistant that gives you information about the weather or any news updates, AI will be more ingrained in our lives than we might even think. AI will make learning personal, relevant with insights that are based on user behavior, data and other preferences.
    AI will change enterprise learning with an incredible ability to offer automated and personalized learning that can completely change the way students will learn. LMS powered with AI will not only deliver personalized learning environments with content, but will also improve the quality of the course.

How Moodle Analytics Can Help to Boost Student’s Engagement

  • Adaptive learning will help adult learners:Adult learners often have their specific needs and are more knowledgeable and experienced. Adaptive learning will have a great impact on how learners enroll in the courses and how they can use it as per their convenience of time, learning path and interest.
    Since adults have some specific objectives of learning the course, adaptive learning in the LMS helps them to satisfy their core objectives easily. Higher education and corporate training programs can now treat them as individuals coming from diverse backgrounds, having expertise and real life experience and the need to meet their real life demands.
  • LMS will focus more on user engagement and experience:Latest LMS will focus more on learner’s engagement and experience and not only on information delivery. Traditional LMS will have to enhance their features to remain competitive in the market. Future LMS will also see more engaging features like personalized learning, social learning, gamification and personal coaching and support.


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