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Tips to Follow before Launching Your Mobile App in the Marketplace

The prime goal of a mobile app development company is to launch the product in the market that not only drives downloads, but also offers a great user experience, high user engagement and retention rates. But many businesses soon after launching a new app, finds it difficult to stand out in the app marketplace and cannot meet the extremely competitive nature. For businesses that are looking forward to gain a competitive edge, should know that it is essential to plan a comprehensive app launch strategy for paving the way to success in the app market.

Tips to Follow before Launching Your Mobile App in the Marketplace

So, here in this article we will discuss with you the core points that you need to consider pre-launch and also some ongoing work to see successful results.

Know Your Target Audience:

The first step before launching your mobile app in the market is to conduct a thorough research and it is only by developing a thorough understanding of your audience that you can move on to the steps outlined below, which will save time and money. Knowing more about your specific audience will help you to understand your products and address the pain points which fits into their daily life. Furthermore, the research will help you to gather deep insights into what they dislike about the apps that are at present currently available in the market and offer you an opportunity to ensure that your product doesn’t follow suit.

Define Your Positioning Statement:

After you have done a thorough market research, you need to turn it into a deliverable by knowing the product’s strength and weaknesses and sharing them with your internal team. With two millions of apps in the App Store, you need to offer something that is unique and valuable and will attract the potential users to download the app. After you have defined the target user, you need to determine the differentiators of your app from your competitors and this UVP describes why your product is valuable to your customer and why they should purchase it.

Top User Engagement Strategy for Your Mobile Application Development

Prepare Launch Activities:

Another most important thing that you need to do is to prepare yourself for the launch activities and this includes targeting the social media advertising:

Start Promoting Your Content:

Now is the best time to make a list of marketing campaigns that might include social media advertising, traditional advertising, early access for bloggers, website designing and then map out the timeline of events leading to your mobile app launch and set the launch date much ahead of time.

Identify the Key Influencers:

It is important to identify the industry influencers who are actively engaged in conversations related to the industry. Connect with these individuals via social networks and craft a persuasive pitch that will convince the influencers to help you promote your app. Don’t forget to point out how your mobile app addresses a specific pain point and how it can add value to other areas.

Product Curation Sites:

There are a number of sites that develop new mobile apps and startups can help you create the hype, make sure that you choose a product curation site, which fits your target market as well as the mobile application.


A careful consideration of your pre-mobile launch strategy can help you with everything related to the product to convince the potential users to download the app.

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