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Drupal Web Optimization Tips to Increase Page Load Speed

Most business owners indulge in creating an amazing website by choosing the best CMS platform. But soon after the launch of their website, they start complaining about the slow speed of the site and various other performance issues. Drupal development is a popular CMS and comes up with great features that can help the marketers, publishers and administrators to have complete control on the web content. But if you don’t have a well-planned website optimization strategy, then your website too may give poor performance.

Druapl Web Optimization

Having worked with Drupal for such a long time and serving our global clientele with the best in class services, we have observed that simply creating a site is not enough, proper optimization of the site together with a great Drupal maintenance and support is important to keep the site running and offer a great use experience. The most straight-forward and cost effective and quickest solution to address this issue is Drupal Caching and adopting some best practices that can speed up the entire process.

How Caching can Help Improve the Site’s Performance?

After the users accesses a web page on your site, content elements and the web data from that specific page such as images like HTML, CSS and etc. they are stored in an easy to access location and when the visitors visit the web pages next time, the site provides the users with the cached version of the content. This leads to reduced bandwidth and faster page speed. So if you have a Drupal development website, then this is what you can do to speed up your page load time.

Make Use of the Internal Page Cache Module to Cache Pages:

If you have an “Add to Cart” option for anonymous users for your ecommerce portal, then you can easily use this page cache module to precisely cache this functionality and this Drupal performance optimization technique helps to take less than a minute to set up your site and optimize it.

Drupal 9 CMS and the Rich Features that it Offers

Choose the Right Tools for Heavy Traffic to Your Drupal Website:

If you have a growing Drupal 8 website and want to choose the best caching tools to improve your site’s loading speed, then here are a few powerful Drupal caching tools and optimization techniques that you can use:

  • Upgrade to PHP 7.x
  • Enable the OPcache via the php.in
  • Move to a Drupal specialized hosting service provider
  • Put a proxy in front of the server
  • Shift the database to its own VM/ container in case your site is running locally

User CDN for Your Drupal Website:

This is one of the most powerful Drupal optimization solution that helps to increase the speed of your site. The two strongest reasons why you need to consider using a CDN to cache the content of your site includes files, CSS images, fonts, JavaScripts and etc. on your site.

Since your CDN has some end points worldwide, you can easily reduce your network delay to a minimum

You can increase the speed of your page loading time as your CDN will have different domain as that of your sites, and the web browsers will load the content in parallel with the content delivered from your CDN.


Following some of the best Drupal caching practices will help you to speed up your page loading time and you can offer a great experience to your web users.

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