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Top Moodle Development Themes that You should Know in 2020

Today, academic organizations and corporates are switching to LMS development so that they can offer courses and training sessions that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime as per the learner’s convenience. Moodle LMS is a popular LMS in the market, which is an open source and around 100 million users have adopted Moodle as their learning software. But one issue that is still persistent is the UI / UX platform.

Top Moodle Development Themes that You should Know in 2020

Choosing the proper theme helps to solve the problem to some extent and it is only the LMS that has the power to fix and overcome a website’s weakness. Moodle comes up with a wide range of themes that can be used to enhance the look of the site as well as its performance. Here in this article, I will discuss with you, some of the top Moodle themes that developers may use in 2020.


The name of the theme itself speaks that it can easily adapt to suit your organization’s branding and style while sharing the burden of testing and development with the Moodle community and other Moodle professionals. The theme showcases two column display of items and it can be used by both large and small organizations. Another most important thing about this popular theme is that you can place multiple marketing blocks for display having two slider images on the homepage. You can also have two or three headers for the sites having customizations controls and the theme also supports for multiple languages.


This is another popular Moodle theme that offers a clean and modern look. The theme has a sharp focus on making the learning process smoother and right from the login to learning the Fordson helps with navigation and usability and help to create an intuitive interaction experience. Fordson theme together with its ecosystem of plugins for the enrollment and course formats offers a path to a better teaching platform. This theme also includes various preset styles, courses, layouts and course listing styles that help to create customized Moodle LMS development.

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This is one of the most loved free Moodle LMS theme in spite of it having two main drawbacks which are no support and its end of life which is beyond Moodle version 3.6. This means that if you download the Moodle LMS essential theme for your version which is above 3.6, it may not work. But one positive point of this Moodle theme is that it allows you to upload as many fonts and icons as possible and the layout is also simple having a classic three column type. You also get customization options for the color scheme that you can choose as per your needs.


This is a multi-language and responsive Moodle 3.8 theme, which is modern and offers various color customization options, sliders and settings that helps to add a custom menu. For beginners and new users, Academic Moodle LMS development theme comes with preset demo content that helps you to get the site deployed easily. It is with Academic that you can add a photo gallery, slider, customize the front end, add customized menu and etc. It is an ideal theme that helps to transform the look of your university or school website and meet the latest needs.


With a customized Moodle theme for your learning website, you can attract more learners to your site and offer them features that will keep them engaged and help them easily reach the course content.

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