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Know About WordPress Blogging Platform?

Started in the year 2003, WordPress platform has allowed marketers and web content publishers to enhance the typography of everyday writing and publishing of content. It is perhaps the most popular CMS of today and has powered more than 74 million sites that publish regular content.


It is an easy to use, flexible and fast blogging platform that comes with a great set of features specifically designed to make the publishing experience pleasant and possible. Here in this article we will discuss few important things about WordPress platform and how it can benefit your business.

Installation of WordPress

New users of WordPress may often be worried about the installation of the platform, but to their surprise this blogging platform is popular for its ease of installation. You can install it within a few clicks and in most cases it takes even less than five minutes to complete the process.

To start with the installation process, you need to download WordPress from its official download page and it is always recommended to download and install the latest stable version of the platform. Once you click on the download button, the installation package will be saved on the hard disk. Now locate the installation package and extract it to a new folder.

Know About The Prerequisites Before Using WordPress

Before you can start using WordPress as your blogging software, there are few important things that you should know about it.

Your web hosting providers must support the execution of PHP scripts as it is an interpreted programming language. This is the language in which WordPress is written and thus it is important that your web host must support it. In case your site is hosted on your ISP, then it may not support PHP and cannot run WordPress.

Your hosting service provider must allow you at least 1 MySQL database. WordPress stores the data and blog entries in special files called the database and this allows fast and quick data retrieval. So check that your hosting package provides MySQL databases and if you are hosted on an account that does not have any access to MySQL then get an account with a commercial hosting service provider.

Make sure that your web hosting service provider does not insert any advertisement on your pages. Though ads can be inserted and usually do not cause any problems, but most free web hosts may insert advertisements that are loaded into portions of that page and this may interfere with the WordPress Script that handles editing and posting of web content.

How WordPress can Help Your Business Grow?

The reason why WordPress CMS platform has gained immense popularity is the fact that web designers and programmers can use thousands of free templates to choose from and there is a theme for about anything.

WordPress themes are easy to customize as many of them come with their own options panel and allows you to change colors, background and add other cool features with the site without the need of writing any code at all. It is flexible and can be extended easily by using plugins.

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