WordPress Migration and Installation

Unleash Your Site’s Potential with WordPress Migration Services

WordPress is one of the most feature rich CMS platforms that offer huge opportunities to create a full sized website. Its innumerable themes and customization opportunities have helped it to secure a strong place in the competitive marketplace.


If you have a website and you have plans to migrate it to WordPress, then you have come to the right place! We at IDS Logic have a team of WordPress migration specialist who can efficiently manage everything from basic migrations to multi-domain, large scale, multi-language migrations that may contain thousands of web pages.

What IDS Logic has to offer?

Whether you have an existing WordPress website and want to move it to our server or host or want your site to move to WordPress, we have years of experience and proper technical expertise to provide a complete transfer of all your data without any significant downtime and possibility of data loss. Migration can be a stressful and daunting task if there is a large database that included various types of media files and plugins. If it is not done perfectly, it can have a negative impact on your website and leave your business in bad shape

At IDS Logic, we follow a streamlined process and our experts have the ability to seamlessly move your site to the new host without any problems. Not only this, we also help you with the PSD to WordPress conversion and installation process so that your need for more server space, bandwidth or some specific features are met carefully. We clearly understand that no one solution fits the requirements of all business and that is the reason that we offer customized solutions to our clients based on their requirements.


Our WordPress migration is done in three stages:

Moving of the database:  Our WordPress experts help to export your entire database from your exiting hosting account create a new database and then import all your data to the new hosting account.

Moving of files: We transfer all your files, videos, audios to your new hosting account via the file transfer protocol

Reconfiguration: Once the file and database transfer is done successfully, our technical experts help to reconfigure your WordPress installation so that you have an application that you are used to even on your new hosting account.

Migrating from one site to another requires proficiency and the job should be done by a team of professionals.  And that is what we at IDS Logic have.

Our team of experts initially takes a complete backup of your media, widgets, database and etc. to ensure that nothing is lost. Next we construct a website based on your requirements and run it through a series of tests so that there are no errors or hidden bugs in the site. We then enable the new site and replace the old one with it. While working on the process, we maintain the honesty and transparency and keep the entire job within the budget assigned.

If you have plans for WordPress migration, then let us know your requirements and we will get the job done smoothly.

Case Study

Krueger Guitars
Based on the WordPress theme and using the WPML module for the dual language aspect, the website Krueger Guitars offer guitar repair services that are geared to meet specific needs.
Case Study-Enlighten-Electrical
Enlighten Electrical, built on the WordPress platform is your one stop destination for all your electrical needs covering installations, tests and repairs for both commercial and domestic customers.
Novonutrition is a WordPress CMS based website that is fully responsive and offers its visitors a wide range of protein products. The site has helped the client to target a wider market base and increase their brand awareness.