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Protecting Your Most Valuable Business Assets!

These days, every business employs servers as part of their daily operations and it is crucial to check that they are working always. Keeping an eagle eye on your servers can be really overwhelming for your team member as monitoring it continuously requires great technical expertise, huge operational expenses and improved data protection systems. But this doesn’t have to be the way it is. IDS Logic helps you to securely monitor your external and internal servers and keeps you informed about their status through SMS, E-mail alerts and Reports.

What Do We Monitor


CPU Usage:

We monitor key metrics like CPU and core based utilization by the processor, any interrupts and context switches.


Disk Usage:

We capture disk usage metrics such as individual disk utilization, disk (I/O) and present the statistics in easy to understand charts for optimizing the disk capacity.

Memory Usage:

This allows you to gain an insight into the used and free Memory, Memory Pages in various graphs to help in capacity planning.


Network Monitoring:

We identify the input and output traffic along with the bandwidth utilization and generate traffic reports to determine the exact load on your network.


Root Cause of Server Downtime:

Out expert technical team uses various statistics and reports of event logs, crashes, memory and disk utilization to understand the actually cause of your server slow down.

Server Types

  • Linux Servers
    Our service allows you to proactively check your Linux system for any outages, degraded performance, crashes or spikes. You can now get in-depth statistics and multiple metrics about your servers in a single dashboard.
  • Mail Servers
    Email is essential for business to remain connected and if the downtime occurs, it is crucial to react immediately. We monitor SMTP and POP3 server for uptime and collect important data and send alerts the moment your server fails.
  • Windows Server
    Our Windows server monitoring service offers exhaustive capabilities that assure your servers are always up, easily accessible and perfect every time. Our technical team of experts identifies performance issues or availability drawbacks by using latest Windows monitoring tools.
  • SQL Database Servers
    This helps in offering web apps and services. Any downtime causes chaos and to keep you in sync we keep you updates with the status of your MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.
  • Web Servers
    We help you to monitor your servers from outside the firewall that includes FTP and DNS. The valuable information collected helps you to stay alert in case of any server break downs.
Dedicated Developers

Why Choose Us as Your Trusted Partner?

  • Gain actual insight into server performance and
  • Get security alerts to overcome any issues within a
    reasonable time period
  • Understand server usage patterns and plan for resources
    in advance
  • Flexible team support with customizable alerts, shareable
  • Automated report delivery
  • Improved user experience and loyalty
  • Minimizes the risk of loss of revenue and profits
  • Reduces IT costs and expenses

IDS Logic, a reputed server monitoring provider in India helps you to spend more time expanding your business instead of simply managing it.

For more information, get in touch with our experts or send us a mail stating your requirements and we will reply back soon!

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