IT Helpdesk Services

Boost service offerings to customers without being affected by IT related issues

If you are willing to stay ahead of the curve, then it is imperative for your organization to continuously invest and improve the IT frameworks to boost productivity and service offerings to the customers. For this, you need to hire a support team that is available 24X7 and 365 days a year. Catering to this need, we at IDS Logic have come up with our 24X7 IT helpdesk service for software systems. This enables our clients to deliver their services without being influenced by any technical related issues.

Since end users are scattered geographically, an ever growing list of software issues needs to be attended immediately to improve customer satisfaction. Our IT help desk team consists of technical experts who can offer support to organizations and help them solve software issues within no time, improving productivity while keeping your system and data safe behind firewall and other security measures.

Our key offerings:

1. Service desk integrations:  We offer a robust set of integrations with the most popular and leading systems, allowing you to create a seamless support process. We also provide open API and Professional services to help you create custom integrations with your help desk systems.

2. Multi-platform: We help your staff to remotely connect to desktops, laptops or mobile devices running on various platforms that include Windows, Linux, Mac, Apple iOS, Android and etc.

3. Security: We offer services to protect your system access and help to keep data behind your own firewall and security measures, integrate with identity management tools and also capture full audit trail of all remote support activity.

4. Tools and scripts Our team helps to create, organize any number of pre-build scripts and this helps you automate regular diagnostics, remediation and troubleshooting.

5. Software updates and version management: Our help desk experts assist you remotely and offer applications for reporting, analysis and remote access.  We cover the software technical issues and are available 24/7/365.

6. Software troubleshooting: Our technical team is familiar with various forms of software, whether it is customized or standard software, we can help to solve issues related to it.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services, then talk to our representatives or send us an e-mail.