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Aptly handle all customer complaints and bring out increased satisfaction

Managing customers effectively may at times be a daunting task. But a clear and effective communication may help resolve their complaints and make them happy customers. Whether you are in need of support to handle peak of inbound complaints or want to undertake a proactive contact exercise, we at IDS Logic offer a comprehensive solution to our global clients.

We are experienced and professional team members serving various industries with complaint handling and dispute resolution services. We understand that after sale amenity and technological support is a crucial issue and this is the key to any brand. Our complaint handling services allow our clients to adopt an integrated and consistent approach to capturing, analyzing, managing complaints efficiently.

We help businesses to attain a strategic step change and deliver an improved customer experience and drive business enhancements. Renowned for our reliability, flexibility, analysis and reporting capabilities, we deliver measurable returns on investment.

How we work?

Our complaints handling and dispute resolution process aims to acknowledge all issues within 24 hours. If in case they are unable to resolve the complaint, then it is assigned to a dedicated team. The criterion of the complaint is established under which the issue is resolved and the timeframe to fix the issue is set.

Once the dispute is solved, we either close the case or put a monitor status depending on the type of problem. We take full responsibility for the quality of service and make great efforts to ensure that the customer’s expectations are met. We keep you updated about the status of the complaints for your view.

Once you have decided to avail our services, we can help to improve you to solve disputes, cut costs and maximize the returns on your IT investment.

Dedicated Developers

Why IDS Logic?

In essence, IDS Logic can support any interactions that companies have with customers throughout the complaint management process. Whether you need a complete solution or just a part of our certain services, we offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to your precise needs.

  • Excellent communication and relationship with customers
  • Resolved issues on or before time
  • Innovative thinking capacity to find the most effective
  • Extensive industry insight and thorough understanding of
    client’s specific requirements
  • Ability to handle both immediate and long term needs.

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