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Improve Client Experience with Site Navigation

Business owners often work very hard to entice the potential customers through various eCommerce features, fabulous images and thoughtful content curation.

You ultimately have lots of customers visiting your site, but suddenly you find them leaving the site. You are unable to understand the reason behind it.

Ecommerce Website Navigation

Now How do You Retain Your Customers and Offer Them a Better User Experience?

There may be various reasons for your customers leaving the site and it can be anything from poor designs to slow loading time or poor site navigation. Addressing the issues faster will help you to retain your customers and gain their attention back once again.

Ecommerce navigation can help to sort out any product find-ability issues that your site may be facing. In this article, we will discuss with you some of the most important ways to improve your eCommerce development navigation for a better user experience and to boost your sales conversions.

Make the parent categories of your e-store clickable:

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A research conducted by Baymard Institute has stated that they found that when the parent categories of an eCommerce store are just headers and labels, customers’ expectations of being able to explore the products breaks. Make sure that all the parent categories in your eCommerce development navigation are clickable so that the visitors can see the general category page before visiting any specific subcategory page inside it.

Helping them browse through broad scopes of products first will inspire them to shop for what they are actually looking for. To do this, you can hire an eCommerce development company and ask their designers to work on it.

Always suggest your visitors the next navigating step:

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The idea of having a great navigation menu on your eCommerce site is to guide your users so that they can understand what they should do next. Offering them guiding buttons, which could take them to the checkout could be helpful for those who are unaware of the interface.

Your eCommerce developer and designer is responsible to eradicate all the doubts from their minds and guide them at each stage of their shopping.

Using plain symbols and signifiers can make the website journey easy for your visitors:

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It is always a good idea to remain creative while creating your eCommerce store, but creative experimentation can at times be very dangerous for your eCommerce store if you do that very carelessly. Following the standard trends is important where you can use easy symbols and signifiers that can help your visitors understand the things easily and browse the site more effectively.

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Generic symbols that can easily describe the broad range of products will guide your customers with the content of your store and their possible wants and needs.

Allow navigation through the search history:

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Web browsing is multi directional and so a search history or recently viewed products or items often help the customers who need to re-analyze the content of the site or guide someone who stepped forward by mistake. The purpose of the navigation is to offer recommendations in simple terms and allow your users go through the repeated products.

Consider your eCommerce store data and improve it:

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To know whether your store’s navigation is helping your customers or not, you can refer your data on Google Analytics. Use it to check the conversions on the customers who used the site navigation and onsite search to purchase any products from you.

Google Analytics Site Search is a valuable source of information in understanding the needs of your customers and the data gathered also gives you an access into the minds of your customers.

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