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Advanced Features of Magento Enterprise Edition

Whenever we discuss about feature rich ecommerce platforms, Magento comes to our mind because it is the most popular platform that offers higher web performance. It comes in two versions. Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition comes with highly professional features and functionalities along with the flexibility to optimize an ecommerce store based on the requirements.

Magento Enterprise Features

Due to its high end functionality, the edition allows you to gain quality traffic to your business and helps to convert the maximum amount of visitors to increase online profits. Usually large stores that need to add more functionalities to their stores use the enterprise edition.

Some of the most advanced features of the Magento enterprise 2 edition


Dynamic Marketing and Merchandising:

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  • Customer attribute management: With this advanced attribute management, it is easy to personalize the sales and marketing efforts. The feature enables you to easily add the new customer attributes like the date of birth, gender, alternate phone numbers and etc. These can help to create new and sophisticated customer segments for customized marketing campaigns.
  • Visual merchandizer:It helps to boost the conversion rates and dramatically reduce the time to optimize the product category pages using tools to visually manage product merchandising. It is very easy to assign products to some categories that are based on the pre-set rules.
  • Automated Email marketing reminder: This feature helps to automate the email reminders to the customers who have abandoned the cart and helps to increase sales. The campaigns can be triggered depending on the varied conditions like the time since the cart was abandoned, the cart value and etc.
  • CMS enhancements: The Magento Enterprise edition includes various improvements that help to create content that can distinguish your store from your competitors, provide support to the customers, enhance visibility to the search engines. The CMS has an editor and a page hierarchy system that helps to organize the content pages, add navigation, pagination and menus.


Performance and Scalability:

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  • Optimized indexing: This helps to add or update products frequently and also increase the speed of indexing without creating an impact on the customer’s shopping experience.
  • Full page caching: This helps to improve the server response time and reduce the load that allows you to offer a great shopping experience and also handle more customers easily with your existing infrastructure.
  • CDN and Database: Instead of storing media files on the file system of the web server, they can be stored in a database server or on a content delivery network.


Extensive Management Tools:

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  • Advanced permission: With this advanced feature, you can now create multiple administrative roles to control and view the product prices and promotions. You can also restrict the admin access to a site or set of sites.
  • Google tag manager: By using this, you can add tracking tags to a Magento site for personalization, retargeting, search engine or other marketing programs. The feature can also be used to transfer data and events directly to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and also any other third party analytics to gain deep business insights.
  • Strong data encryption: Magento Enterprise Edition offers a strong data encryption that is based on AWS-256 and the hashing is based on SHA-256. This helps to secure the admin panel login process with stronger passwords and also account lockout so as to limit password guessing.
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