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Latest DNN Development Trends in 2019

Websites have become a norm for every business that looks for growth or branding. And owing to this, CMS has become an integral part for website development, which allows the administrators and the marketers to create, edit and store the web content in a manageable and organized manner.

DNN Development Trends

DNN is a free and open source web CMS built on the ASP.NET framework and uses a three tire architectural model offering support to the extensible modular structure. Compared to other CMS, it is fairly more progressive and the latest trends have opened up even more possibilities.


What the Future Trend Holds for DNN:

Reduced dependency on web forms framework:

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With the DNN 9 release, it was very clear that the DNN team was willing to reduce the dependency on the web forms. Less reliance on web forms is the ultimate goal and the modules of DNN neXt are developed in .NET core and this will change the approach that is used to access the XMP.

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The software also supports the SPA frameworks and the MVC. Thus, in the coming years DNN will make a great shift to a flexible architecture.

No more monolithic content management:

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It is very easy to perform Omni channel publishing through EVOQ and with the headless CMS approach, now DNN allows the liquid content to be stored in the cloud. This content can then be used for multiple purposes and formats to different website, channels, devices and etc. These features separate DNN from other CMSs that are using the monolithic architecture.

More use of analytics:

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DNN development companies in India and the UK has helped to develop the sales process, which is backed up with analytics data. This has helped to gather more information about the customers and has allowed enterprises to take more informed business decisions. Overall, it has improved the entire decision making process, thereby increasing the productivity of the companies.

Progress in cloud based services:

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In order to avoid any loss of data or hosting issues, organizations are shifting to cloud services. DNN development is compatible with Amazon web services, Windows Azure and EC2. DNN service providers in India will now increase their support and handle cloud operations easily. This latest trend will lead to load optimized websites.

Stateless and headless implementations:

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The headless CMS concept allows the content to stay in a liquid state and the stateless API helps to retrieve the content from Azure powered DNN. There are more than 100 design layers available in the EVOQ library that are used to give shape to the stored content.

With micro services gaining much popularity, implementing the headless concept will help organizations to bring a great change in the designing and the development of related tools.

Using DNN for social publishing and gamification:

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DNN development allows publishers to schedule social media postings through APIs. It helps to automate the social postings, send notifications or messages through different platforms, and etc. Gamification interactions are used to keep the users engaged. Development of more tools for social posting and gamification will be the upcoming trend this year and onwards.

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