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OpenCart Security is Now Simple with Astra Security

Every business owner in the ecommerce field is aware of the name OpenCart as it is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that offers rich features and allows store owners to create user friendly and easy to use stores. But in the ecommerce industry, you will also find there are great possibilities of getting your financial information or important personal data stolen by hackers due to some loopholes. Sometimes it is not only data that the hackers are after, but they have also been found to mine crypto currency using various server resources. Today, OpenCart security has become all the more important than ever.

Opencart Seucirty

What Hackers Perform on OpenCart Ecommerce Sites:

Hackers do not discriminate when they hack. Even when OpenCart ecommerce development is known to be a secure platform for the users, attackers target the vulnerabilities in extension, themes and custom codes. The custom codes that are written to modify the store or add some functionalities have been built in a less secure fashion, which gives an easy entry for the hackers and severely impact the OpenCart security. So let’s see the activities done by the hackers on ecommerce sites:


Cross site scripting is also known as low hanging fruit in the world and a massive 88% of the website are vulnerable to such attacks. The consequences of the XSS attack also includes causing redirection of your store to the pharma or any questionable site and then tricking the users to share any sensitive information.

SQL Injection:

The name itself suggests that the vulnerabilities can give the hackers access to the complete database and the consequences can also be disastrous and can easily cause some leakage of the sensitive customer information.

Code Injection:

Inadequate input data in your code can also lead the hackers to inject malicious code in the OpenCart store. The malicious codes are then used to mine cryptocurrency and hack the store and also redirect the visitors to the website such as competitors or any malicious pages.

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Credit Card Hacking:

This is another scariest hacks of OpenCart ecommerce development and using the vulnerabilities like SQL injection, Cross site scripting, code injection and etc. Hackers manage to steal credit card information from the customers. It is seen that hackers use all sorts of creative methods to steal such information like adding a new payment method to the checkout page and then redirecting all the payments to their own PayPal. This is the worst thing that can happen to the OpenCart’s security.

Directory Traversal and Sensitive Information Disclosure:

Often any wrong server configurations lead to information leakage like giving access to the restricted directories or backups to the hackers. Such information helps the hackers in crafting attacks for website and so it is very important to ensure that the servers are also configured correctly, all the file permissions are accurate and there are no sensitive information that is leaked. Having the admin in default setting is one of the biggest mistakes that OpenCart store owners make and this should be avoided.


OpenCart is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms used, but it too faces security issues. Knowing the activities that the attackers can do will help to make the store secured from any cyber-attacks and crimes.

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