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Sitefinity 8.2 Beta Version Released

Telerik’s Sitefinity is an ASP.NET web CMS platform that is especially designed to make managing the content of the website in a more positive and useful manner. It is the only CMS that enables enterprises to fully utilize all three mobile development strategies – responsive web designs, mobile apps and mobile websites effectively from a single CMS user interface. Today, Sitefinity powers over 10,000 websites all over the world. Regardless of whether you are planning to launch an engaging website or create an enterprise portal or interactive intranet for your business, Sitefinity 8.1 multilingual features allow you to have full control of your web presence. And with the latest release things have become even easier.

Sitefinity 8.2 Beta

In the past few years, many versions of Sitefinity have been released to update its features and offer a better user experience to the customers. The latest Sitefinity 8.2 beta version has been released and can be easily downloaded. This version has focused on some important features that include personalization per widget, performance and upgrade improvements, forms MVC widget support and many more.

A look at what’s new

Personalization of multiple segments:

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If a user in multiple segment loads a page, then he or she can see all widgets personalized for those segments and not the ones that are personalized for the highest priority segment as it is in the previous versions. Users can now filter by more than one segment to check how the page will be displayed to the users in many segments.

Personalization on widget level:

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While editing a page template, users can now personalize on a widget level without creating a new personalized version of the page. This increases the speed of creating personalized areas and makes management of changes easy.

Cloud support:

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Administrators can now easily deploy their Sitefinity projects to Azure web apps by using PowerShell scripts or Visual Studio.


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The updates that are done to the database schema are logged in the UpgradeTrace.log and this adds more visibility into the upgrade process. It also offers detailed information that can be used for troubleshooting.

Forms MVC support:

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Users can now create forms that can enhance the look and feel of an MVC website. The developers have full control over the markup of all the form elements and can customize the new custom form widgets easily following Feather conventions.


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The new page offers an overview of the common settings that affects the performance of the website. Administrators can use this to check the current settings and the degree to which the site has been optimized. Administrators can also use SSL offloading to transfer the process of SSL encryption and decryption from the web server to the load balancer or other device.

Besides the above points there are many other features that are fixed so that the users can experience a greater control on their web content. The latest version of Sitefinity is best equipped to meet the varied needs of today’s expanding business that included ecommerce, multisite management, challenges like mobile, content personalization and much more.

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