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Rescue Your Ecommerce with Website Support

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your eCommerce business that has a strong digital presence. Using the latest technologies and updates often helps to ensure the success of your enterprise and with advanced components as part of your website architecture, you are sure to get the maximum output.

But, for this you need to avail an efficient website maintenance and support service from a reliable company. A service that is especially dedicated to making your IT infrastructure will enable you to boost your ROI by reducing the downtime, minimize the cost that is associated with breakdowns and increasing revenue.


But what can you do to enhance both the performance and the productivity of the eCommerce site?

Maintain The Health of Your Client’s eCommerce Site

  • Move any third party code into the Google Tag Manager: The eCommerce website that you are maintaining is surely to use Google Analytics and Adwords and also some other code snippets. The Google Tag Manager helps you to centralize the code from one place without manually going through the code or any other hard code things. The best thing about Google Tag Manager is that you can choose anything that you want that tags to fire by defining the trigger.
    Tag Manager is always better than the third party code as it helps to make the site faster and offers greater control on the script, you can remove tools that are of no use, set up advanced analytics, triggers and data layers and also trigger tracking events without having to change the HTML codes.
  • Carry out NPS surveys: Your web maintenance and support company will help you to use tools like the Net Promoter Score and measure the customer relationship. The company can send their customers an email with questions like “How likely would you recommend the company or product to your friend?” The customer can score you from one to ten or even provide an optional comment.
    The beauty of NPS is that it is easy for both the developers and the business owners to implement.
  • Track the 404 pages in the search console: Google search console helps you to see how Google views your commerce website. A reliable website maintenance and support company can help you to understand this and suggest the HTML improvements needed to make your site appear better in the search results.
    You can see the websites that link to non-existing 404 pages on the site.
    This is really bad for SEO and user experience and for the 404 errors you can either create pages for the missing links or set up 301 redirects.
  • Watch how your audience uses your site: Your audience plays a crucial role in the development of your site. If you are not aware of how they use it, then most probably you are missing on great opportunities also.Now the point is when a site is built, there are many things that are overlooked simply because we are trying to finish the site on time.
    Proper testing will help to find the bugs and make improvements. Understanding the specific needs of your audience will also help to offer something in their native language, track their whole journey and also implement some improvement ideas.

Your maintenance and support service provider will help you with creative ideas to make their journey even better.

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