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A Look at the Latest Software Testing Trends- 2016

The previous year has witnessed the rapid adoption of new technologies, social media platforms, creation of huge data and rapid developments in cloud and mobile technology. And in the current digital marketing age, customers are demanding improved connectivity and easy to access information on the go. Organizations should be more flexible and agile while offering their services and products and this has put a lot of pressure on business owners to adapt new technologies in software testing.

Again the rapid influx of latest technologies has opened up a new set of challenges increasing their responsibilities towards quality and delivery of the services. So here in this article, let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in the software testing domain for 2016.


Software testing trends


Latest Trends in the Software Testing domain for 2016.


Adoption of new technologies:

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  • Latest technologies like cloud, SOA and mobile testing are on the rise and according to statistics, mobile testing has seen a steep rise from 31% to 55% in the previous years.

But there are still various organizations that lack comprehensive mobile testing procedures and business still lack the setup of cloud testing. This will cause businesses to opt for testing as a service options.

Mobile testing will go mainstream:

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  • Since mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily life, and the technologies have become an effective profit making asset, business owners are creating various mobile apps to target potential customers.

Mobile testing remains vital in all spheres of business and there is a remarkable shift from traditional testing to security testing. System robustness and security is a top priority and with the growth of social media and mobility the systems are also becoming more vulnerable. There is a need to ensure security, especially in the apps that handle sensitive data.

Higher automation levels:

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  • Automation testing is becoming crucial to agile development support and the process helps to detect defects quickly and saves the team more time that can be devoted to other important tasks.

Reports have stated that 50% of the team use three or four automation tools and automation will be QAs biggest challenge as the pressure to reduce time to market grows. Selenium testing will continue to grow in systems.

Test data management:

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  • TDM is still a great problem for many large organizations and the adoption of agile and cloud initiatives make the creation of data and its maintenance more complex.

It is difficult to synchronize the testing, maintain and even control the data in multiple versions of environment. Since managing the test data is a growing concern, business companies are introducing a new role of the testing data manager. This means that TDM will gain the attention that it actually deserves.

Testing center of excellence:

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  • With more and more focus on quality assurance, businesses are relying on reliable QA service providers for testing services because of their expertise in the field including TCOE capability.

This trend in testing of TCOE has grown to about 26% from the mere 4% in the previous years. The centers will be presenting their services in multiple forms, like they may exist as pure methodological support that will help to control QA or can offer on demand testing services to projects from various industry verticals.

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