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The Effect of Seasonality on eCommerce Trade

If you are the CEO of a company, then you must be very interested to know how seasonal demands may affect your business. You must have observed some moments when your sales may be on peak and also experience a drop in sales at some specific seasons. So, what is important is to understand these seasonal influences that affect your business, which results in profit rise or drops.

“Holiday seasons are the most lucrative periods of the year when shoppers spend most on online shopping”

Although different business sectors may experience different peak time of the year, these seasonal peaks are the most recurring factors that affect the inventory management. Instead of creating and running static campaigns to boost your sales, it is a good idea to predict the market demands keeping in mind the impact of seasonality on Ecommerce.

How to Keep Sales Higher in Your Magento Ecommerce Store After Christmas and New Year

Seasonal Factors That have a Great Impact on eCommerce ROI

The four seasons of the year have a major impact on the sales of your business and if you have no idea about these seasonal fluctuations, then you will be unpleasantly surprised with low revenues and you will start with all sorts of unnecessary changes in the site to get out of the pit.

Here are the important variables that you should consider for your eCommerce business:

Seasonal changes often generate various reasons for the buyers who purchase relevant items.

1.Demographics: Factors such as age, sex, race or human behavior may affect the sale of your products and finally your business revenues.

2.Weather: This has been one of the most important factors that has a big effect on sales. Usually summers or rainy weather can increase or decrease the demand of specific products.

3.Business niche or popularity: You may sell your products more or less on a particular day or a particular time depending on your niche and industry.

4.Events or holidays: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two major shopping events that persuade people to shop online.

” Diwali has been the biggest shopping seasons for consumers in India, whereas Christmas has always led to increased sales in the West. Both the occasions are considered auspicious for any major purchase.”

Marketers in India, UK, US and etc. should always analyze micro events like the days or specific time when the business receives the most visitors that leads to conversions and opens up new business opportunities.

How to Predict and Adapt to Seasonal Changes Affecting Your eCommerce Business?

Mark the calendar events: For your eCommerce store operating in Australia or India, it is very important to analyze the historical data or the search traffic for your chosen keywords. This will help you to track down the events that will generate the highest or the lowest sales.

  • Perform conversions: Make a comparison between unique store visits and also seasonal conversions by breaking down the gathered data in seasonal quarters of a year.
  • Analyze conversions:Try and analyze the sales conversions during any seasonal events and verify if there is a recurring pattern for the shortlisted events based on any previous sales data.
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