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Empower your business to make solving tickets an easy task

A happy customer is the keystone of every business. Most of the time customer conversations remain unnoticed in the mailbox waiting for a support. And when your support threads grow at a faster rate, then a simple email based support does not offer you the visibility on which tickets should be considered as a priority and what to do about the problem. It is here that a smart trouble ticket management service can help you.

So, reach out to your customers easily as we at IDS Logic offer trouble ticket management services to help your resolve issues on time and anytime. You may receive a lot of tickets via emails, calls or even forms. It is vital that you have a specific point of reference to manage all the trouble tickets efficiently. With us, you can handle the task easily and we ensure that all the tickets are resolved within the specified time set.
Our technical team helps to track unassigned, overdue and closed and escalated tickets quickly. Our best in class services help you to manage conversations that need immediate inputs, identify the ones that can wait and check which ones are assigned to whom and how they have responded to it.

What we offer

  • Assistance for problems due to operational procedure for processing environments
  • Proper tracking of calls and closure
  • Escalation of crucial issues to appropriate IT team
  • Multi-channel ticketing system through numerous channels like phone, live chat and mail
  • Implement proactive analysis, resolution and prevention
  • Streamline support processes and service delivery
  • Reduce service incidents and outages
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Benefits of availing our services:

  • High productivity: Happy customers mean more business and this will help to increase productivity and revenues.
  • No lost tickets: Trouble tickets are streamlined properly and are kept as open for quick responds.
  • Skill set assignments: Critical tickets are routed to special technical teams having the best skill to solve the problem.
  • Tiered ticketing: All tickets don’t have the same priority. Some needs to be solved faster than the others. Prioritizing the ticket is the best solution to offer good customer service.

At IDS Logic, we know that everyone has their own means of doing business and so our flexible trouble ticket management solution offers innovative opportunities to handle customers with ease.

For more information, talk to our executives and find solutions that are focused on your needs.

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